What Every Homeowner Should Know Before Remodeling Their Bathroom

What Every Homeowner Should Know Before Remodeling Their Bathroom

Realtors agree that a nice, up-to-date bathroom is a huge selling point for any house. A comfortable, updated bathroom also enhances a home's ambiance and a quality lifestyle. When you are ready to remodel your bathroom, keep the following tips in mind to avoid overlooking the obvious needs.


Depending on the size of your home, the current HVAC system might not be adequate for a bathroom remodel. In fact, your original system could be inadequate for the current bathroom. Renovating your bathroom is a good opportunity to buy a bigger furnace or install a second furnace. You might also decide to add another vent to the bathroom to diffuse the warm or cold air more effectively.


New or improved shower, bathtub, toilet, and sink fixtures are also a valuable addition. Consult with a contractor who provides reliable plumbing services for ideas on how to upgrade your bathroom's water-based appliances. You may want to install a bigger tub or a new shower. A taller toilet or a more stylish sink could be in the plans. Trendy faucets and fixtures are another consideration. Browse online or shop your favorite home improvement stores to see all the plumbing fixtures available onsite or by special order.


Don't forget to have your bathroom's electricity checked out by a licensed electrician. Make sure the outlets are grounded and that you have at least one outlet on each wall or as needed. Each outlet should be the specified or recommended height from the floor in accordance with your electronic needs, such as a radio, shaver, trimmer, or hair styling tools. Older wiring should be replaced with newer materials during your remodel to ensure safe use going forward.


Check out your bathroom's lighting to decide whether to keep it or replace it. For example, you may have older overhead lights that are recessed or suspended, depending on your home's current lighting design. Wall sconces are another popular item for night-time use. Mirror lighting is great for facilitating grooming and hygiene tasks. This may be a good time to switch to LED bulbs unless you prefer to use cooler lighting options.


A new bathroom floor can put the finishing touch on your remodel. Look for waterproof styles in designs that coordinate with the overall decorating plan.

Remodeling your bathroom is an excellent way to enhance the style, efficiency, and comfort of this important living space. Take advantage of the renovations to get the most from your project.

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