How Can You Use Funeral Flowers?

White Lilies

Funerals are wrapped with condolences, flowers, and energy to move on for the sake of growth. The sadness of losing someone close also brings the reality that life must go on. Since ages flower has been symbolizing respect, condolence, and sympathy hence, the use at funerals symbolizes sympathy, grief, love and respect for the one you lose. In ancient times, fragrant flowers were used to cover the cascade of the deceased to perfume the surroundings and to hide the decaying smell of the body. Now you can choose from a host of funeral flowers to pay your last respect to the deceased. Contact a florist to get white rose bunches, white carnations with ribbon, and white satin lace to make the perfect bouquet of funeral flowers.

Let's Have a Look At Commonly Used Funeral Flowers to Show Sympathy and Respect: 

1.      White Lilies

Lilies are known to spread the smell of a funeral home. One of the most popular flowers at the funeral services is released as this blossom represents the restored innocence in the soul of the deceased. It is considered the go-to funeral flower as it inherits a strong aromatic smell.

The white stargazer Lily commonly symbolizes sympathy and is used in various funerals as well as in sympathy flower arrangements or bouquets. You can also simply put Asiatic lilies in a small glass vase and gift the set to your loved one. They look elegant and they give an overall peaceful look to the environment.

Funeral lilies are known as sword lilies as they are composed of multiple flowers with an upward growth along the stem. This conveys strength and moral integrity to the family of the deceased.

2.     Peace Lily Plant

Like the lily flowers the peace Lily plants also symbolizes the presence of innocence and rebirth of the departed soul from a Harsh complex physical world to equator and peaceful place.

These types of flowers are mainly for sending condolences to the people who are grieving their loss.

Peace Lily Plant

3.     Roses

After the lilies, roses are the common and appropriate flowers for the funeral and each different color of rose has a different connotation. 

Increase of funeral services white roses are the symbol of innocence, spirituality, and purity. It represents peace at a funeral and the classic deep red roses evoke its symbol of love and grief. The yellow roses are gifted by friends to show their bonds and the dark pink roses symbolize thankfulness to the spirit of the deceased. You can either buy a bunch of white roses or, as some would prefer, an entire wreath of white roses. You can keep the wreaths for few days, sprinkle water frequently as required.

4.     Orchids

Despite any color of orchids, there's a universal meaning which says forever love. Hence at funeral services orchids convey love and affection to the deceased.

5.     Chrysanthemums 

In America and Europe symbolizes sympathy and honor. Chrysanthemums have different colors which carry different meanings and roles.

White chrysanthemums symbolize innocence hence it is a very appropriate flower at a funeral service.


6.     Carnations

Carnations are used in standing sprays and funeral wreaths. For Catholics and other Christian funerals, pink carnations have been considered a good choice due to the belief in their creation from the Virgin Mary's tears.

7.     Hydrangea

Cultivated in Japan, the light blue hydrangea flowers symbolize forgiveness, regret, and deep sorrows.

8.    Tulip 

It is a flower of many colors but white tulips signify heaven and eternity which makes them the significant choice for a funeral arrangement.

Final Words

White is a color of peace and it beholds many meanings hence, white flowers are the basic symbol at a funeral service.

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