10 Top Summer Flowers To Bloom All Summer

10 top summer flowers to bloom all summer

What a garden with no beautiful blooms? No doubt you love striking flowers just like everyone else. They bring positivity, happiness, and cheerfulness to your life.

Each season comes with its signature flowers. During summer, those potted plants by courtyards and the regular green leaves that line your walkways become more attractive and textured.

You have everything to enjoy with the summer flowers. When summer starts, the flowers begin blooming profusely and nature stuns with extraordinary beauty.

Even when planning a get-together and other parties, summertime is the perfect season to hold them. The summer flowers make those celebrations more live and enjoyable with their rich foliage.

You can consider the flowers below if you're looking for the best summer flowers that bloom the whole season.

Best Summer Flowers To Have in Your Garden

1. Daisy Flowers

Looking for easy-to-grow summer flowers?  You've got the right option with daisies. They are just beautiful and you’ll find them in multiple species. Daisy flowers have different colors and you can be sure to get flowers with the preferred color.

Though yellow center and white ray petal flowers are the most well-known, you'll enjoy daisy flowers with yellow, red, and purple colors. Daisy is easy to love flowers and you may offer them as a gift or beautify your garden using them.

2. Angelonia

Angelonia is another group of summer flowers that bloom in your garden. The flowers come in a cluster of purple, blue and white colors. Angelonias grow tall making them perfect summer flowers to plant along the walkways.

Though you can begin planting Angelonia from cutting, a new variety produces viable seeds for growing. When summer begins, the Angelonia plants start to grow and need a little watering if you have grown them in your garden.

3. Roses

Roses are lovely flowers you’ll come across. The repeat-flowering roses are among the summer flowers with multiple flushes throughout the season. Roses bring wonderful scent and color to your garden for months.

‘The times’ are a super choice of summer flowers if you want to create a beddings display using roses. 'But the times 'shouldn't be your only choice since Darcey Bussell is another delicious shade of the red flower that adds old-fashioned and graceful charm to a sunny border.

4. Foxgloves

What about adding a statement flower to your garden? Foxgloves are among the best summer flowers to use for that purpose. They are charming blooms and will group to a height of six feet which makes them stand out among other summer flowers.

Foxglove blooms early during the season and comes in a slew of colors making it easy to find the color of your choice. It doesn't matter if you love white, pink, or other striking colors, you're assured of a lovely bloom color with foxglove flowers.

5. Carnations

If you’ve been looking for summer flowers that are symbols of distinction and love, carnations don't disappoint. You'll just love them for their bold hues and even impressive range of varieties. Carnations come in different colors and they help to make your garden attractive. But you can offer carnations as a gift to express your love.

6. Bougainvillea

You'll find many types of bougainvillea flowers during the summer season. While some grow as trees, shrub-like and others are sprawling. But all of them offer flamboyant cluster flowers covering the whole plant. Bougainvillea is a statement summer flower you'll have in your garden on the grounds or grow them on a pot.

7. Canna lilies

Do you aim to have a garden with a tropical vibe? You can rely on canna lilies and summer flowers to deliver that. They have broad foliage that resembles banana leaves. Though they are green you'll find varieties of these flowers with a tinge of maroon and bronze.

Besides, canna lilies are long-lasting showy blooms that grow in red, yellow, orange, and pink colors on top of long stalks.

8. Celosia

You can have a unique and charming flair for the collection of blooms in your garden. All you need is celosia summer flowers. Though you may grow them in spectacular mass, you can also pot them and have dense growth.

In case you seek to wish someone courage, send a large bunch of celosia. It sends the right message since they are part of the summer flowers representing boldness. They are also easy to grow flowers and make your courtyard stunning.

9. Coneflowers

Coneflowers are attractive summer flowers blooming in shades of green, yellow, orange, and red. Have you chosen to have coneflowers in your garden? Low maintenance is among the benefits you'll enjoy besides their striking beauty. 

They are not easily attacked by diseases and you can expect them to bloom throughout the summer season. Coneflowers symbolize healing and strength. They are among summer flowers you won't struggle growing since they grow with ease and tolerates a wide range of conditions. 

10. Cosmos

Cosmos are among the attractive summer flowers you may plant en masse if you want to create harmony in your garden. Though they are tough plants, you'll only have to let them be to maximize their bloom. 

You may grow cosmos flowers on the ground, by the patio, or even in a container and expect them to bloom through the summer months.


During this summer season, you can grow refreshing flowering plants in your balcony or garden. Many summer flowers require minimum care guidelines to have an attractive atmosphere in your home. Get on board with any of the above summer flowers and enjoy a great and beautiful garden throughout the season.

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