Top 11 Fragrant Flowers For New Born Baby That Make a Room Fresh

Top 11 Fragrant Flowers For New Born Baby That Make a Room Fresh

The coming of a newborn baby is always the best moment to celebrate. Newborn baby flowers are, therefore, the best way to welcome this little bundle of happiness. Flowers have lovely scents and colors, and they always help to spread happiness.

When selecting newborn baby flowers, always make sure to know the gender of the child. Knowing this will help you in terms of color selection. But if you do not know the gender, you can send neutral tones such as white, yellow, red, and orange flowers. Also, ensure that the flowers do not have a strong smell. Here are the top 11 fragrant flowers for a newborn.

Newborn Baby Flowers

1. Lily of The Valley

Lily of the valley is the most loved flower. This flower has white blossoms, and its smell is sweet. Lily of the valley comes in different colors and looks best in a bouquet. The flower blooms during the spring. If you want to plant it in your garden, make sure it has a partial shade. If your friend or relative has a newborn baby, you can send them this flower bouquet as a gift.

2. Gardenia

Gardenia is a lovely flower that produces white flowers during the summer. These flowers are always delicate, and they look lovely. They are among the most fragrant flowers globally and always make the perfect gifts for any occasion. Gardenia has a unique creamy smell that will always leave you feeling thrilled. These flowers are widely used in weddings because of their sweet smell and are also used in making perfumes all over the globe. You can use these lovely flowers to visit a newborn baby. The flowers will always make the room look fresh.

3. Stargazer Lily

Lilies always have the best smell, but stargazer lilies are the most fragrant. The lovely flower always grows in partial shade and got the name because it seems like it gazes at the stars at night. You will easily enjoy the scent because it is a bit spicy. This flower is usually used in perfumes, and you can also use it as a gift for a newborn baby. The lovely flower will make the new parents feel happy and loved.

4. Jasmine

Jasmine is among the most beautiful flowers in the world. These flowers also have the best smell, and you can use them in any event. Jasmine comes in different colors, and the most popular ones are white and yellowish. This flower is mainly used in the perfume and cosmetic industries. You can use jasmine for any occasion, and it is also the perfect gift for a newborn. Jasmine produces a strong scent at night, especially during the full moon.

5. Cosmos

Cosmos is another lovely flower that produces a sweet smell and lovely flowers. These flowers have unique reddish-brown flowers and are the most fragrant flowers on the globe. Cosmos also smells like vanilla, and you will love this flower as a gift.

This flower originated from Mexico, and it is yearly in cold climates. Cosmos smells best when exposed to heat, and so you will love it during the summer. Make sure to send your friend or relative this perfect flower if they have had a newborn baby.

6. Four O'clock

This pretty flower is called four o'clock because it begins to bloom in the late afternoon and continues through the night. The flower blooms best during the summer. It comes in many different colors. Always make sure to send it to a newborn baby, and they will love it.

7. Sweet Pea

The sweet pea is another popular flower spreading its fragrance in the garden for several years. This flower comes in different colors, and you will always enjoy its fragrance. Sweet Pea is a perfect flower gift for a newborn baby.

8. Rose

Roses are known to be the queen of all flowers. They are the most beautiful flowers, and you cannot resist their sweet smell. Roses come in different species, and you can always select the ones that you love. You can use this flower as a gift for a newborn.

9. Freesia

Freesia flowers originated from South Africa are among the most popular fragrant flowers. They have the best smell and come in many different colors. You can send white and yellow freesias as gifts for a newborn baby.

10.  Plumeria

Plumeria is also known for its lovely smell. Perfumes made of this flower are always popular. Plumeria is pretty and is mainly used in making Hawaiian garland. They are also the best gifts for any event.

11.  Lilac

Lilacs are also popular due to their sweet smell. They come in a different color, but the white and purple colors are the most loved ones. You can easily maintain these flowers, and they also make the best newborn flowers.


Newborn baby flowers should always have a soft scent. The perfect time to send newborn baby flowers is when the baby is already here. Also, make sure to send the flowers according to the gender of the baby. If the newborn is a girl, make sure you send pink flowers. And if it is a boy, blue is the perfect color.

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