Product Packaging Boxes: A Forgotten Marketing Tool


Product Packaging Boxes: A Forgotten Marketing Tool

For a moment, think of packaging for the ring box.

The traditional packaging makes it look like a stage representing the all beautiful ring to the bride. In this case, the design of the box is somewhat simple, understated, and obscure.  However, the packaging, at the same time, is pleasing and opulent.

This is the perfect example of the product box and packaging design working together and creating an experience that heightens the product.

The world of product packaging is dynamic, vast, and very creative. It can be a simple square box, a mailer box, or an all luxury sleeve box.

A perfect product packaging fulfils many roles relating to distinction, protection, marketing, and shipment. With these many roles to perform, you see how easily these topics can get tangled up.

In this blog, we will take a thorough walkthrough in the world of packaging and take a deeper dive to look for the forgotten marketing tool, product packaging design.

What is Packaging Design?

Packaging design is the process of designing product packaging to contain, identify, and deliver a product securely.

Either it’s food boxes from Kentucky Fried Chicken, Unilever product packaging, the box that your new PS5 comes in, just about every product in a store has a packaging.

Most of it is good, while some of it is bad.

Designing a Product Packaging

Designing a box for products is a little complicated than striking a sticker on a plain box. First of all, you need to classify the packaging statement.

Do you want a regular cardboard box or a high-end quality custom product packaging?

The statement of the packaging is often omitted.

Designing a Product Packaging

Once you've selected the packaging material, analyze the following:

        Graphic and design of the packaging.

        Physical design.

        Marketing aspects of design.

Each one of the above factors defines design differently.

Understanding these different points of the view will also help you develop the perfect packaging for your marketing products.

Graphics and Packaging

From a graphic designer’s perspective, you can define packaging design to reflect the brand’s theme through packaging.

In this insight, the design concept needs to attract a consumer’s attention and provide information about the product simultaneously.

Packaging graphics should also take the brand's theme, objectives, and motives and show it on the box. The prime purpose of designs on the packaging is to deliver complete information about the product.

Physical Design

The second component to examine is the physical design constraints of the product package.

Sure, you can have a box that plays a beautiful piano piece when opened, but not at the cost of product safety.

No matter how beautiful your custom product packaging may be, it needs to serve a goal- and that is keeping your product secure and protected.

You also need to consider manufacturing limitations.

Of course, you can design a safe and secure packaging that plays a melodic piano piece every time it's opened, but can someone actually make that kind of packaging?

Here is an example from Intel’s 9th Generation Core-i9 processor packaging that's probably a little too excessive.

Physical Design

However, underneath this fancy polygon-shaped box, Intel packed the processor in a cardboard and plastic packaging that it actually requires. So, what do we learn from this? You can get any type of packaging you want, but avoid touching the extreme ends.

Marketing and Packaging Design

The third topic to discuss is marketing.

Marketing on product packaging UK is necessary and often neglected part of the box design.

Packaging design combines form, structure, materials, colour, description, typography, and governing information with design elements to make a product suitable for marketing.

To put that into a more straightforward form: your packaging is an element of your marketing strategy.

It obliges to:

        Appeal to a well-defined consumer.

        Promote your product through a unique selling point

        Reflect your brand's identity

Things You Need To Get Started

It notifies the buyer about the product but also incorporates the product as a part of your brand.

The product and brand need to be bound together on product packaging.

So, before you get starting with the designing process, make sure you've got the following on hold as you design your product packaging with us:

        Brand Logo

        Colour Combinations



Things You Need To Get Started

Once you get done with some basics on product packaging, we can further help you create an all-purpose and perfect product packaging.

Closing Lines

As you can notice, product packaging design is much more than a simple bag or rigid box.

It is one of the most powerful marketing tools, a side that can give your brand an authentic image that it needs to sustain.

And believe it or not, you can get help in your packaging needs.

From cardboard boxes to rigid boxes with hot stamping, we have the best solution for your product packaging!

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