Affordable Family Trips for Summer 2021

Family Trips for Summer 2021

2020 and even the beginning of 2021 has been stressful for everyone, so you deserve to get away and spend some precious time with your family. Due to the economic effects of the pandemic, you may wonder if you can even afford to get away though due to a low budget. Thankfully, many budget-friendly options

around the country are still sure to entertain and sure to please every member of your family. Consider one of the five options below for an unforgettable family vacation that is sure to help everyone forget all about the worries that exist in the real world.

1. West Virginia

West Virginia may not be the first state that you think of when you think of where to go for a family vacation, but it is beautiful. If you and your family enjoy being in the great outdoors, you can book a stay anywhere in this state to enjoy hiking in the mountains and water sports through the rivers. You can even visit the numerous state parks throughout the state including Hawks Nest State Park which has camping options for a unique experience. There are even attractions for young children throughout the state such as train rides and downtown Charleston that is sure to please.

2. The Outer Banks

If you have never been to the Outer Banks of North Carolina, then you are missing out. These beautiful barrier islands are budget-friendly, and there is so much to do there for everyone, including many free options. For free, you can visit the tallest sand dunes on the east coast at Jockey's Ridge State Park, visit the Cape Hatteras National Seashore, ride the Ocracoke Ferry, visit the harbors, and so much more. There are also inexpensive activities throughout such as mini-golf, four lighthouses that you can climb, and even fishing opportunities off of piers.

3. Denver, Colorado

Denver, Colorado takes this list to the midwest as one of the most affordable cities in the country that you can visit. You can visit the Denver Zoo or the aquarium for inexpensive prices, and you can save on many of these attractions by signing up for CityPASS. There is even an amusement park within the city that you can enjoy for inexpensive with all sorts of rides for every age. Plus, airfare is typically much cheaper to this city than it is to many other destinations throughout the country as a whole.

4. Yellowstone National Park

Going even further west is Yellowstone National Park which is found in Wyoming and is also perfect for families who enjoy the outdoors on a budget. You will find hotels with reasonable prices, or you can even camp within the national park to save even more money. Make sure to stop by the Old Faithful geyser and even the Grand Prismatic Springs to see sites that you may only dream about. You may even encounter some wild animals throughout the park while you are experiencing all that there is to offer there for free.

5. Williamsburg, Virginia

Back to the east coast for a budget-friendly vacation in Williamsburg, Virginia is perfect for those who enjoy the beach and history. You can visit the site of the Jamestown settlement and even Colonial Williamsburg for relatively inexpensive prices where you can spend a whole day. You are within a close drive to a couple of amusement parks as well including Busch Gardens and Water Country USA. Finally, you will even find that the beach is within a drive of about half an hour if you ever want an escape to the beach.

Final Thoughts

Just because you want to take a family vacation with your loved ones does not mean that it has to be expensive. There are cities and places to visit no matter what side of the country that you want to go to, east, west, or middle. Experience the beauty of nature, the thrills of history, or the crashing waves of the ocean at any of the locations that are listed above. You will find hotels and transportation options for inexpensive prices as well at any of the mentions listed above unless you desire to camp outdoors to save even more.

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