9 Must-Have Props For Product Photography

9 Must-Have Props For Product Photography

Photos are the first thing that consumers see while shopping for products online. If the product images are captivating, the viewer's chances of making a purchase increase. On the other hand, if the buyer doesn't find the picture of the product interesting, they prefer to go with another brand. In simple words, photos play a vital role in increasing the sales and revenue of online product sellers.

Many commercial photographers in Bristol invest in expensive cameras, artificial lighting, reflectors, etc., to get stunning pictures of their client's beauty, food, or household products. But, some of them forget to buy props. Photography props are small accessories that pull the audience's attention to the subject. Although props are very affordable and simple, they have the power to glorify the image to a great extent. Simply put, props add life to the products. You can buy these small items online from Amazon, Snapdeal, Flipkart, etc., or craft them yourself to save some money. If you are new to the photography business, you might be confused about which props to be used to beautify product photos. Don't worry. In this article, we have crafted a list of 9 amazing props that will boost your creativity. Here we go

        Leafs & Flowers

Leaf and flowers are the most inexpensive and easily available props. You can use them to make your subject more elegant and cute. For instance, if your subject is a ring, it would be great to place it on the bed of roses, tulips, or bluebells. It gives a unique romantic touch to the finger ring and encourages the viewers to buy. 


Nowadays, bookends come in incredible designs and architecture. These decorative items can give optimum support and balance around shaped photography subjects. Moreover, this prop is very useful in shooting multiple products together. So, buy bookends today to uplift your clicks.

        Decorative Party Material

You will be surprised to know, but party materials can indeed add more interest to the subject. It is important to note that this confetti must be used according to the product theme. Moreover, these props are very useful to enlighten the new product launch.

        Branches Of Tree

You might be thinking about how tree branches can make the product photos more captivating. But branches of a tree can indeed put visual interest to the photoshoot. Buy it from a nearby shop or cut down any tree branch and paint it nicely. You have two options: either use the same colors as the background or a complementary color theme.


Another amazing, great commercial photographers use to enhance their product clicks is glycerine. If you want to introduce a chilling effect on cold drinks or beer bottles, you must have this prop. Mix the same portion of glycerine with water and spray it on the surface of the bottle; it will give a cool look to the beverages. Apart from this, lifestyle or fashion photographers also use this sweating effect to the models with glycerine & water mixture.

        Artificial Ice

You can also use artificial ice cubes to showcase beverages more enticingly. It is also known as Acrylic ice. The benefit of artificial ice is that it doesn't melt; you can patiently take multiple shots of wine, beer, ice cream, and more by placing them on the acrylic ice cubes. 

        Satin Ribbon

If you want to give a soft touch to the product and the client wants to advertise it for the gifting purpose, it would be to use satin ribbon and eye-catching gift wrap. These will add festive vibes to the subject and result in stunning product photos.


You must have played with marbles in your childhood. These are the symbols of joy and fun. Hence, you can use it around kid's toys or accessories. It will definitely look cool.


Candles create a sense of romance, love, and peaceful ambiance. Hence, it would be good to pair classy candles with scented soaps, perfumes, and other cosmetic products.

The Bottom Line -:

By considering the above props in a photoshoot, you can stand out in the hard competition of product photography.

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