Anti-counterfeit Packaging Technologies – Solutions for Wholesale Eyelash Packaging

Anti-counterfeit Packaging Technologies

Due to an alarmingly high number of fake products coming into the market, stringent security regulations have hit the packaging industry like a storm. The security regulatory authorities are using anti-counterfeit technologies to mitigate and control the issue. According to a Packaging Research Report, the anti-counterfeiting packaging market is expected to grow at an annual growth rate of 5.3%. The market value of anti-counterfeiting packaging is forecasted to be around 3.6 billion USD by 2022.

Extending trade zones of the Anti-Counterfeiting Packaging Market

The extension of trade zones is fueling the demand for anti-counterfeiting packaging. This is creating ease for the counterfeiters to move their products on international borders all over the world. Due to increased challenges, brand owners and high companies are inclined to utilize anti-counterfeiting packaging. The anti-counterfeiting technology suppliers are putting great effort into launching sophisticated and robust solutions. These solutions provide product authentication and play a vital role in improving the supply chain's security level. Mobile digital channels are one of the example of anti-counterfeiting technologies.

Anti-Counterfeiting packaging is best for Every Product

Critical products like food, beverages, medicines, cosmetics, and even drugs must be packaged in anti-counterfeiting packaging. In light of a recent research report, Both Europe and the United States play a large part in setting the anti-counterfeit packaging trend. So far, both regions have introduced mandatory labeling systems and tamper-proof fixtures for life-critical products. Till 2017, food was the most secure sector, which accounted for 38.8% of the anti-counterfeit packaging market. It has been revealed that the World Health Organization (WHO) will make the track and trace system obligatory for the tobacco industry.


Due to the increasing reports of skin issues, the cosmetic industry has also been facing product counterfeiting issues. Many high-end brands' products are replicated. In light of these events, the World Health Organization has also brought cosmetics under the critical products umbrella.

The forged packaging on branded cosmetics products is so well replicated that standard detection techniques cannot identify it. According to the IPO (Intellectual Property Office Crime and Enforcement) data, in the last three years, 2.2 million cosmetic products are faked, revealing that copycats are quite common in the beauty and cosmetics sector. From perfumes to wholesale eyelashes, everything has been forged and replicated. The data obtained from IPO further revealed that cosmetics are the third most investigated counterfeit products.

How to Check Your Custom Eyelash Boxes with Logo For Counterfeit?

There are software applications available to check for counterfeits. Hundreds of small, medium now use these applications, and large companies and brand owners worldwide scan the products for counterfeit. If a product is flagged as phony, it is instantly blocked and removed using trademarks and design rights. The applications are cost-effective, user-friendly, are quick to find products for counterfeit. While purchasing a wholesale eyelash box through an e-commerce platform or buying custom eyelash boxes with a logo from a superstore, you can check the item for fake in no more than two minutes. If you come across any fake custom eyelash boxes with a logo report it to the relevant authorities instantly, the fake links can be removed immediately.

E-commerce platforms like Amazon and E-bay and packaging brands like The Legacy Printing are working with high-end beauty and cosmetic brands to efficiently counter the problem.

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