13 Baby Essential Items To Know For First Time Mums

13 Baby Essential Items to Know for First Time Mums

Are you among those who are going to be mums and wandering around the shops wondering do I need this or that regarding baby essentials? If your reply is yes to this question, then this article is for you.

Essentials For Baby

Bunny Rugs or Muslin Wraps –

These rugs or wraps are used for wrapping your baby. Sounds Interesting?

Newborn babies like to be wrapped around snugly as it offers them the feel-secured factor like they had in the womb. The main difference is that Bunny rugs are used for cool weather. Muslin wraps are for warmer weather. Thus, the time your baby is due will decide which one you will need. Recommended one is 8-12 of whichever you need.

Baby Towels –

Baby Towels

You can use normal towels; however, baby towels are quite lighter, smaller, and softer. Recommend 3 at least.

Cot Sheets –

Fitted cot sheets are the best to prevent loosening. Because babies use to move around quite a lot as they get older. 3 sets are recommended.

If you need to use a bassinet or cradle to start with, you would require special sheets to fit these. You also can get away with only 2 sets as newborns use them for a brief period (6-10weeks). Also, if you run to get into trouble, you can always go back to the bunny rug!

Mattress protectors – 2-3 is recommended.

Baby Blankets –

You don’t need to use baby bedding (top sheets, blankets, etc.) in the cot. Initially, you would wrap the baby in the bunny rug or muslin wrap. Once they grow big, you would need sleepsuits or baby sleeping bags.

Babies like to kick off blankets. So, you will find it worrying as they would wiggle under the loosened blankets. At the same time, your baby would feel cold once they open up. Therefore, these forms of suits go over the top of their typical sleeping outfits. This also gives the baby freedom to move and kick.

SIDS guidelines about bedding state that sleeping suits are safe bedding stuff as long as individual bags meet the following safety standards. Remember, armholes and neck should be fitted as there would be no chance of the baby slipping inside the bag. Also, it must not contain a hood.

Baby Nail Clippers/Scissors –

Baby nails grow quickly and they are sharp too. They often harm themselves by scratching.

Baby Cotton Buds –

These are used for cleaning the nose, outer ear, and belly buttons! Look for those that are designed specially to prevent you from going too far accidentally.

Baby Moisturizer –

Babies get quite scaly in their initial few weeks in this world. Their skin also gets adjusted to the outside world.

Nappy Bag –

A high-quality nappy bag also has separate compartments to put different bits and pieces in like wipes, bottles, clothes, etc. Look for the ones that have a change mat connected, as this will be useful.

A Baby Soap –

I recommend you to go for branded milk bath, which you just squirt in the water. There is no need to juggle soap and baby.

Baby Wipes –

These are excellent for cleaning hands, face, and bottoms. It is recommended that you should buy Huggies. Also, you can have a refillable travel pack for the nappy bag alongside a flip-top container for your house.

You can also get cheaper brands; however, they are often harder and thinner to dispense.

Bibs –

Bibs are not necessary unless you are bottle feeding. Look for the bibs that are either have Velcro fasteners or can slip straight over the baby’s head. Soft plastic back bibs normally protect clothing better.

Avoid using bibs that need you to tie them. Tie-able bibs can be difficult to manage when you are holding the baby with one hand. Once your baby grows older, use full plastic bibs when they are eating as this can save you from rigorous washing.

Baby Diapers –

Either you use disposable diapers or cloth diapers, they are always useful for protecting and cleaning up yourself from vomit. Placing these under baby will save you from nappy leaks!

12 diapers from a quality baby diapers supplier should suffice if you will use disposable diapers. Also, if you will not use disposable ones, you are going to require a lot more.

Nappy Bucket –

If you use cloth diapers you will need two; one for the nappies and another for bibs etc. Disposables one will suffice for soaking clothes etc. For clothes soaking, you will require something like napisan.

Last Word

I hope this article has enlightened you about the products you may need for your upcoming birth child. If you feel there are any item that is among essentials and is missing from the list, don’t hesitate to comment them below.

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