Top Digital Marketing Trends in 2021

 Top Digital Marketing Trends in 2021

Everything is rushing forward, forcing us to adapt every time. So are marketing tactics and ways how businesses are promoted in the online sphere. Customer behaviors are changing, while people expect better buying experiences on faster and more appealing websites. This paves the ground for big changes on websites and in digital marketing strategies.

Unquestionably, staying up-to-the-minute with the current trends are key for keeping up with competitors. It should be noted that regardless of which solutions site owners opt for, be it CRO, Magento development, or any other IT service, they need to invest loads of time and effort before their stores begin to shine.

In this article, we are going to touch upon the main trends in digital marketing that should be taken into consideration not exclusively in 2021 but in the upcoming years as well.

1. Showing that You Care

The previous year showed the world that it is necessary to be kind, to help people. We’ve learned that not only our lives should be the sole thing that bothers us but that we must also respect others’ boundaries and health in particular. It reminded us that besides being responsible for ourselves we may influence the surrounding people by our mindless behavior.

But how is this illustrated in digital marketing? Brands that pay attention to the goodwill campaigns get trust from the consumers, thus, create a loyal audience. When a company respects inclusivity and takes responsibility for the effect on the world we live in, it enhances its credibility.

Statistics reveal that roughly 81% of global respondents expect companies to be counterparts in their request to improve the environment. Sustainable and eco-friendly brands receive a better response among the younger generation but the older one can easily compare to that number.

As an example, the product pages of the REN Clean SkinCare website list the principles that the company adheres to in developing its cosmetics. We see that the company flourishes as it focuses on natural and innovative cosmetics.

Showing that You Care

2. Influencers

With marketing efforts migrating to the Internet, do not miss the chance to employ influencers. They are people who have become experts in their niche and attract thousands of engaged followers on various social media platforms. Likewise, influencers create a trustworthy image of the brand. If a credible source recommends some goods or services, it may magnetize a greater number of leads to the website. It’s a perfect match as they create content and build up your brand awareness.

Moschino brought the influencer marketing trend to life by partnering with fashion influencer Chiara Ferragni. Equipped with a branded Moschino helmet, she made an Instagram post. There she invited her audience to watch her attend the Moschino runway show live on Snapchat.


3. Native Advertisements

Native advertising is a form of paid media that matches the “organic” content of the resource in which it is placed. It comes in all shapes and sizes such as articles, infographics, and videos. Native advertisements, unlike traditional ones, are difficult to spot and provide smooth advertising content without sticking out. They include ads that appear in your news feed on social networks, at the top of your Google search results, or recommended articles that appear below the one you’ve just read.

As most of the users find online ads too intrusive and use ad blockers, native ads may come to the arena as a magic wand to raise brand awareness. According to Sharethrough, native ads resulted in a 52% lift in purchase intent and a 32% lift in brand favorability.

Native Advertisements

4. Branded Content

Branded content presupposes such a technique that doesn’t involve direct advertising. Instead, it rather focuses on creating articles, videos, and podcasts that are directly linked to a brand and bring relevant value to the consumer.

As stated in a survey conducted by Forbes, branded content prompted 59% greater brand recall among consumers. Besides, it triggered a 14% increased search for more content from the brands after a single exposure.

One of the outstanding examples of branded content is the Dove Real Beauty Sketches campaign. This experiment aimed to show that under the influence of modern beauty standards, women around the world underestimate themselves.

Company employees asked women to describe themselves and random strangers to describe women. Then, based on these descriptions, an FBI-trained forensic artist drew two portraits. The result was impressive because the women’s descriptions of themselves were less beautiful and less close to reality than the way passersby saw them.

It caught the eye of more than 50 million people in just 12 days and 180 million times total. It drove real engagement through content and highlighted some social causes and challenges that coincide with the brand’s set of values.

Branded Content

5. Artificial Intelligence and Chatbots

AI is a powerful ongoing trend in digital marketing that will evolve even more rapidly and will entail an intensive development of chatbots. This technology carries out direct communication with the customer or visitor at any time of the day.

Gartner presented statistics that by 2022, 70% of white-collar workers will interact with conversational platforms daily. And it’s no surprise as intelligent chatbots accelerate feedback, providing an increase in site conversion.

This is how Lyft is implementing this cutting-edge technology in its app. The AI-powered bot allows a chat-like experience to give the necessary information about a driver and a car. It anticipates what questions a customer might have. Afterward, it personalizes the experience for the passenger’s convenience.

Artificial Intelligence and Chatbots

6. Accessibility to Everyone.

85% of all Facebook videos are watched on mute. And on Snapchat, 1 out of every 3 videos is watched with the sound off. More and more people are choosing to watch videos without sound. Solution? Subtitles! By adding subtitles to your videos you can make your content accessible to thousands of more viewers. It will help you reach more audiences and add value to your content. 

Adding subtitles to your videos creates another element to the viewing experience: image, sound, and now text. Subtitles are a great way to capture your audience’s attention, highlight certain words or phrases, and key your viewers into the most important messages. Creating multimedia means having multiple elements, beyond just image and sound. 

You can make your videos even more searchable by including a text transcription of the entire video using VEED. To allow more people to discover your video content and ultimately leads to more views, clicks, and followers, and make your content accessible everywhere.


In Conclusion

The last year boosted online engagement sky-high as the great bulk of mankind was left with their devices at home. We are witnessing how trends in digital marketing are shifting in the direction of a more humanistic and individual approach, paying attention to each other's needs, taking care of the environment, and emphasizing the right of every human feature to existence.

These days users are willing to get immediate responses to their requests while consuming eye-pleasing content. Whereas the above-mentioned patterns don’t speak to a total list, it’s the first step to begin when arranging your promotional campaigns.

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