Four Ways Customizing the Verifone Ruby 2 Superstation Can Help Your Clients Simplify Their Payment Processes

Four Ways Customizing the Verifone Ruby 2 Superstation Can Help Your Clients Simplify Their Payment Processes

If you provide software as service (SaaS) to convenience store or gas station owners, you undoubtedly get regular requests for a secure, reliable POS system. Verifone POS services have long set the standard for payment solutions. Verifone introduced the world’s first POS system in 1982. Since then, the company has continued to innovate as it develops fresh ways to enhance the customer experience, secure data and facilitate payments.

Simple, Sophisticated Design

Sophisticated technology makes it possible to do all this easily from a single, sleek POS system. Once again, Verifone is at the forefront of this innovation with the Ruby 2 POS Superstation.

 What’s unique about it? It offers:

  • One-touch control of the customer experience.
  • Seamless integration with existing POS systems.
  • Training modules and help features for employees.
  • Automatic loyalty program tracking.
  • Enhanced security and data protection. 

With the Ruby Superstation, you can stress one-location convenience, ease of use, and affordability. Here are four ways the Ruby 2 Superstation can help gas station owners manage their payments, training, software integration, and more.

Safe, Stable System

Gas stations and convenience stores are a significant target of scammers and identify fraudsters. That’s why most owners count on the security and stability of a Verifone system. The Ruby POS runs on Linux, which is the most secure operating system. Windows-based systems can be victims of malware and security breaches. Linux systems don’t have these vulnerabilities.

If your clients have a Windows-based POS, they must also purchase security features, including antivirus programs and malware protection. Linux doesn’t require these protections. It’s still important to take security precautions, of course, but the software is far less liable to be hacked or breached.

Create unmatched payment experiences for your clients by offering them integrated solutions that help your customers manage their payment processes. Seamless, secure integration of these solutions means they get the exact features they want in a payment processing system. 

MSPs, PSPs, and Payfacs can enhance Verifone product capabilities by developing customized Verifone systems that smoothly work with PayPal, Stripe, and other payment processors and integrate simple solutions to keep customers compliant with PCI-DSS, EMV, and Check 21.

Secure, Seamless Integration

This security is vital with a store that provides necessities like gas and food. A Linux-based Verifone Ruby will give gas station operators the stable system and fast payment processing they need. When their business booms, Ruby will scale up with it smoothly and without a hitch.

There’s more good news. Your clients don’t need to upgrade their hardware to integrate current systems with the Ruby Superstation. 

Key Takeaway: A Verifone POS gives your gas station operators a fast, reliable payment processing system that protects customers' data. Integrating third-party functionalities will ensure tighter security and optimal stability.

Single-Point, One-Touch Control of the Customer Experience

A full touchscreen console makes the Ruby Superstation stand out. Anyone familiar with a computerized register will find it intuitive and easy to learn. Your client can take orders, process payments of all kinds, track inventory, and scan identity cards for age-restricted products. They or their cashiers can do it all from one fast, touch-button POS station.

Track Payments and Updates

With the Verifone Ruby Superstation, store managers can flag pumps as working or not working, cash only, or any other status. The system takes money preset orders and processes payments from major credit cards, bank debit cards, touchless payments, and oil company credit cards. 

Employees can also use the system to monitor the latest fuel price changes, software updates, and item inventory. Owners and managers can keep tabs on everything from one station.

Customizing any Verifone system using UX modules can help create additional elements like mobile wallets and self-service payments, reducing checkout times to ensure customer loyalty and repeat business. 

Key Takeaway: With the Ruby 2 Superstation, gas stations, and convenience store owners can control the customer experience from one powerful, easy-to-use station. Moreover, since the POS is fully customizable, you can add additional functionalities to optimize operational and management workflow.  

Training Modules That Make It Easy to Learn

Verifone POS services are easy to set up and use. The owner operates the Ruby 2 Configuration Manager Toolkit, which can be controlled remotely.

Training modules let new or existing employees learn the new system quickly. Its intuitive design is logical and easy to follow. Users can count on extensive help menus, interactive display features, and touchscreen capabilities. Intuitive menus make navigation a snap!

Save Time and Money

A real-time message system allows owners and managers to send reminders and alerts to employees. The station enables instant communication with store cashiers from any location.

Key Takeaway: Gas station and convenience store owners can save time and money with a system that quickly gets their employees onboard.

A System That Grows with the Business

The new Ruby 2 Superstation represents a significant leap forward in POS technology. It provides advanced features and a larger, more powerful processor. With the new system, a store owner will have no trouble scaling up as the business grows.

Improved Speed and Visuals 

One of the improved speed upgrades Verifone added is a multi-property processor to make it even faster. Moreover, users will enjoy working with the compact design and better visuals on the LED-backlit touchscreen pad.

The Superstation comes with two cash drawers, a three-track MSR to check IDs and track loyalty points, and a 15-inch touchscreen with antiglare glass. 

Additionally, configuring any Ruby Superstation POS and Verifone software by creating applications that work in attended and unattended payment kiosks will provide your clients with superior payment processes. 

These softwares configurations create a range of offerings from multi-lane store POS systems to handheld mobile systems. Your clients can process coupons, loyalty points, inventory tracking, and more with one-touch ease.

Key Takeaway: The Ruby Superstation POS is a reliable, secure system that will scale with any business. Thus, it is easy to configure and can be upgraded with additional processes such as coupons, loyalty points, inventory tracking, and more!

Sandra Seagle is an industry expert within the Point of Sale platform.  She works at Chetu Inc. Plantation Fl., a custom software development provider and thought leader within the IT Support community.  She offers comprehensive consulting and recommendations that will enhance your current Point of Sale processes within your online eCommerce platform to your brick & mortar needs. She will assist with automating your day-to-day operations from point of sale to housing all your critical data into a single repository.

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