Unified Communications Digital Buzzwords Meaning You Should Know


Unified Communications Digital Buzzwords

If you’re running a leading IT business, then it is vital you know all the important Unified Communications Digital Buzzwords that is dominating everywhere.

Managing, analyzing, and handling different IT operations in your company may require an in-depth understanding of these buzzwords. This is why you must familiarize all of these in a precise and detailed manner.

But what exactly are these buzzwords?

Not a one, not a two!! There are many more buzzwords that have headed in the Avaya unified communications industries. If you want to know them, then you are advised to read this blog thoroughly till the end. Because we are just about to explain some of the best-unified communication buzzwords.

So, don’t go anywhere! Stay here & enjoy reading!!

9 Unified Communications Digital Buzzwords you must know

1.        VoIP

Many of you may have heard about this exclusive buzzword. But more than just a buzzword, VoIP is Voiceover Internet Protocol or amazing technology that enables IT, users, to make voice calls hassle-free through a broadband Internet connection, rather than using a regular phone line.

2.                  BYOD

You may also have heard of BYOD but never go through its superior characteristics and benefits. This buzzword simply stands for Bring Your Own Device, which nowadays many of the IT organizations put into place to help valuable employees work productively. It enables employees to bring their own devices to use at work, such as phones and computers.

3.                  SaaS

SaaS is another one of the most trending buzzwords that are rocking in the IT industry. Generally stands for “Software as a Service”, this buzzword acts as a model for the distribution of software where clients access software over the web and help them have a satisfying customer service experience. In SaaS, a managed IT service provider hosts the application at its data and voice communications centers, and clients access it through a standard web browser. Saas is popular nowadays for the reason that it delivers exceptional software nowadays, such as Google Apps, Dropbox, Skype, CRM software, and more.

4.                  QoS

Another one of the most hearing buzzwords is QoS, Quality of Service. It indicates a network’s capability to attain supreme bandwidth. It also explains the ability of a network to administer the other network's performance’s key factors such as error rate, uptime, and the most important one is latency. What’s more? This buzzword also includes testing and contriving of the network resources by setting down preferences for types of data on the network. You are looking for such a service in your IT company, then QoS is the best one to opt for.

5.                  DID

Direct Inward Dial another one of the most trending buzzwords. This is basically a number that allows direct dialing rather than having to dial the main/full number. What's more? DID also enables a business to allot a personal number to each employee, without needing a separate physical contact line to connect to the PBX. This way, it leads to reduced telephony traffic that gets split up and helps boost efficiency in the workplace.

6.                  Web Portal

The web portal is another one of the most hearing buzzwords that you can access from your business phone anywhere and make the most of its features. It enables you to make calls, access voicemail, manage chat, illustrate contacts, and more without having to be present near your desk phone! It can help you manage everything with its real-time & user-friendly interface.

7. Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing buzzword is the commitment to deliver outstanding computing services that include various hosting servers, storage memories, databases, software, real-time analytics, networking, and statistics over the cloud. It allows more agile modification, manageable resources, and administrations of large scale IT projects hassle-free. It also offers a lot of excellent advantages such as the more economical price of administering the complex IT infrastructures, faster speeds, greater reliability, and improved security.

8.                 UCaaS

Here comes another one of the best-unified communications' digital buzzwords, UCaaS! It generally stands for Unified Communications as a Service and it handles the integration of business communication services through a common platform, with no delay and complexity. This buzzword is famous for improving, enhancing, and facilitating better connectivity while sharing the information, and end-to-end data.

9.                  Softphone

Last but not! Meet another one of the best-unified communication's digital buzzwords that are trending in the IT industry. It's undoubtedly the softphone, basically a software-based phone. They mimic desk phones that present a phone interface on the computer, with a comprehensive dial pad and superior call handling features including Hold, Mute, and call Transfer. These are specially used for making calls from a UCaaS web portal.

Wrapping up:

Well, these are the best-unified communication’s digital buzzwords that are worth knowing & using in an IT organization. If you are the owner of a leading IT firm, then it is advisable to make use of these buzzwords thoroughly in your company and boost its productivity. Yes, by managing the complicated networking and IT operation related tasks, you will lead to boost efficiency and productivity in your IT organization. 

If you have read the post thoroughly, then you will surely make up your mind to use these buzzwords. However, if you have any doubt, then you can ask us, leaving the comment below. We will clear all of your doubts & queries.

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