A complete guide on Fue hair transplant and its cost?

A complete guide on Fue hair transplant and its cost?

Have you been wondering how to reverse female or male-pattern baldness? Just book an appointment with a reputable surgeon to take you through a fue hair transplant. 

Hair transplant helps to treat hair thinning and baldness problems to a point where nobody ever notices that you've been losing hair. Head full of hair adds great aesthetic beauty you can't sacrifice for anything else.

Even the most prominent celebs experiencing hair loss have found an effective solution with a fue hair transplant. You don't have to wait till baldness blows away all your esteem and self-confidence. Make up your mind and go for a hair transplant to restore your hair to its former glory.

But it isn't a decision you should rush for. You need to learn and understand everything about the fue hair transplant procedure and its cost before embarking on the surgery. That's why content in this guide will be helpful as you seek to restore your lost hair.

The Fue Hair Transplant Procedure

Follicular unit extraction is among the most advanced technology you'll find in the field of hair transplant. First, your specialist shaves down your hair where follicles will be extracted. 

You'll undergo numbing to reduce pain. Your surgeon will then extract individual hair follicles from the sides or back of your head. Though harvesting of follicles can be done manually, your surgeon may use a micro punch tool.  

After making tiny holes on your scalp where there is no hair, your surgeon transplants the extracted hair follicles into those holes. When done transplanting, the area is covered with a bandage for safe recovery. 

After a fue hair transplant, your new hair begins to grow like natural hair. You're allowed to treat it just the same way you treat the original hair. In other words, you are going to have natural-looking hair after the transplanted hair regrows.

Preparation For A Fue Hair Transplant Procedure

  • It's important to do blood tests and electrocardiogram before the surgery
  • You should have a scalp massage about 10-30 minutes every day to increase the flow of blood around your scalp.
  • Avoid hair cut before fue hair transplant.
  • Don't take antidepressants for two weeks before hair transplant surgery
  • You shouldn't take dietary supplements or vitamins for about two weeks to the surgery date
  • Avoid blood thinners or aspirin for about 2 weeks before fue hair transplant
  • Don't drink alcohol for three days before surgery D-day 
  • It's vital to avoid smoking for about least three days before the operation

Post Fue Hair Transplant Care

  • Keep off strenuous activities after transplant for about a week
  • Not unless your doctor advises so, you shouldn't wear beanies or hats 
  • Brushing or combing your new hair isn't good until three weeks are over after the transplant
  • Request for time off from work to speed up the healing process.
  • Once you begin washing your new hair, ensure to use unscented and gentle shampoos
  • Avoid washing your hair for at least three days after fue hair transplant  

Benefits of Fue Hair Transplant

1. No Linear Scarring 

Unlike the other method of hair transplant, you'll not have linear scarring after a fue hair transplant. However, your donor area may have circular and undetectable scars where follicle harvesting takes place.

2. Fue Hair Transplant Process is Faster

If you never like spending much time in a medical environment, you may opt for a fue hair transplant. The use of automated devices and systems has made fue technique quicker with super results. Using advanced technology makes this technique of hair transplant the most precise. 

3. Faster Recovery After Transplant

Fue hair transplant is the least invasive which makes downtime minimal. You should take a few days to rest after the procedure though you can go back to work and resume your daily routine after surgery.

4. No or Little Discomfort During Surgery

During a fue hair transplant, you may experience little and insignificant discomfort. But such discomfort doesn't last long. The results of transplants are good and complications are very rare. 

Side Effects of Fue Hair Transplant

Though you'll enjoy many benefits of a hair transplant, there are some risks linked to the procedure. Ensure to follow the instruction given by your surgeon to avoid adverse complications. Here are some of the risks you should be aware of.

  • Infections when you don't take good care
  • Swelling and pain on the surgery site
  •  Surgery site bleeding
  • Thinning and balding may continue even after a fue hair transplant.
  • Anesthesia complications

Fue Hair Transplant Cost

The cost of a hair transplant isn't insignificant. That's why you should do your homework well to find surgeons who can offer quality fue hair transplant service at an affordable price. 

Fue hair transplant cost varies based on factors like the experience and skills of your surgeon. But don't assume that those who charge higher prices are more experienced and offer the best services.

Another major factor that determines the cost of a fue hair transplant is the number of hair follicles you'll receive or the size of your bald. Though all those factors influence the cost of transplant surgery, you're likely to pay about $4000-15000 for a fue hair transplant operation.

Many surgeons offering fue hair transplant services give discounts and allow different payment plans. So, ensure you take such advantages to save on the cost of surgery.


Fue hair transplant surgery will give you natural-looking hair. You should always seek such a sensitive surgery from the most experienced surgeons to help avoid any complications. Though the procedure costs a lot, the results are worth the price. Ensure you get all the information about the fue hair transplant procedure from your surgeon before embarking on the treatment.

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