FUE Hair Transplant-Insider's Secrets You Must Know Before A Graft


FUE Hair Transplant-Insider's Secrets You Must Know Before A Graft

FUE hair transplant is a popular type of hair transplant method. It has become the most popular hair transplant method due to its effectiveness. FUE hair transplant is less invasive, and the recovery is fast.

FUE hair transplant is done by taking hair follicles from the back of your head and transplanting them to your scalp's affected areas. It is a safe process, and the results are the best compared to other methods. Also, the FUE method is the best because the surgeon uses micro punches to collect single follicles. He then moves them, leaving no signs of extraction. The results then look natural.


Insider's Secrets You Must Know Before A Graft


The following are the things you should know before undergoing the FUE hair transplant.


The Cost for FUE Hair Transplant


FUE hair transplant is a cosmetic procedure. Therefore, you will have to pay using cash because it is not covered by health insurance. The cost depends on the following factors;

· The number of hair grafts to be collected and transplanted

· The number of surgeons available in your area

· Your location matters as well.

A hair transplant is worth having, and so you should be ready to pay more. Make sure you go to the right doctors and reputable clinics for a successful procedure. Also, keep in mind that an FUE hair transplant can change your life completely. Therefore, be ready to pay more for better services.


Choosing the Right FUE Clinic


When choosing a clinic, keep in mind that no clinic is perfect. If a clinic claims to have perfect cases, you should question the idea. Consider the ratio of the good and bad cases. If the good is more, you go to that clinic because no clinic is perfect.

Also, make sure to ask around before committing to one clinic. Ask the people who have experience with hair transplants, and you will know whether to undergo the process. But know that even in the best hair transplant clinics, the doctor can still make mistakes. Looking for the best clinics helps you to reduce risks and complications of hair transplant.

After finding the clinic, take your time to do more research. Mostly, reputable clinics will not pressure you to join them. They will give you time to research at your own time. During a consultation, get informed about the age, the medication against hair loss, and what to expect.


The Number of Grafts Per Day


The number of grafts that the doctor extracts per day are essential. Extracting more grafts per day makes the doctor complete the procedure fast. It might cost you dearly later. Extracting more hair may damage your donor area ultimately.

The most skilled doctors harvest a maximum of 2000 grafts per day. This number is safe for your scalp because it will not cause damage. Make sure you do not go to the clinics that offer to extract a large number of grafts.


Complications and Risks of FUE Hair Transplant


FUE hair transplant is the best method for hair transplant. It is less invasive, and the risks are minimal also. The risks and complications of FUE hair transplant are minor and are treated using some painkillers and antibiotics. These complications include;

· Some bleeding

· Numbness due to the anesthesia used during the surgery

· Infection

· Some pain

· And swelling

These complications should not worry you because they are not severe. If these complications continue, make sure to call your doctor immediately. They are meant to go away a few days after the procedure.


The for FUE Hair Transplant


FUE hair transplant does not have a set age limit. If you are losing hair, you should undergo surgery. Balding can happen at any stage of your life. Men and women start losing hair as early as thirty years. Some may start losing as early as their teenage years. The hair loss worsens as time goes by.

Doctors prefer to perform the hair transplant procedure early at the age of 25 and above. This helps to minimize future hair loss.


Donor Area for a Hair Transplant


A donor area is a place where the doctor will harvest the hair follicles. Most doctors use the hair at the back of your head to perform the hair transplant procedure. These hairs are dense and can resist baldness. Other donor areas include; facial hair and body hair like legs, chest, arms, and pubic area.


The Recovery


After the surgery, the surgeon will give you some follow-up to help you recover quickly. Always make sure to follow these instructions because they are essential. The doctor will tell you not to wash your head for a few days. He will also advise you to avoid alcohol and smoking for a few weeks because it may slow the recovery process. In a few weeks, your hair will start falling, which is normal. Your hair will regrow and become like the rest.




FUE hair transplant helps you to regain your lost hair back. The process is fast, and the side effects are less. For better results, always choose the right clinics and doctors. After the FUE hair transplant, you will have permanent and natural hair. You will also become confident and happy.

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