7 Best Social Media Feeds Tools to Boost Followers

7 Best Social Media Feeds Tools to Boost Followers

Businesses are using social media platforms to extend their reach; with the help of social media, businesses can reach an audience beyond their geographical boundaries. Businesses are always looking for ways to make their customer feel valued. That is when Social Media Feed tools come in for a rescue as these tools fulfill this purpose. 

Social Media Feed tools fetch the feeds related to the business from all over the social media; these feeds can be user-generated content or reviews posted on social media. It aggregates all the posts and displays these posts on your website. A customer feels valued when a brand features them on their website, and hence, it develops a strong relationship between the customer and business.

A potential customer always looks for social proof and reads about the product and business before purchasing any product. Social Media Feeds tools provide that social proof to the new customer, as it displays the feed from the past customers and also showcases the reviews by the past users.

Top 7 Social Media Feeds Tools:

This blog will discuss 7 best social media feeds tools that help to boost followers and enchase brand awareness.

1. Tagembed

Tagembed is the best social media aggregation tool in the market. Tagembed helps you to fetch, aggregate, curate, and moderate the feed related to your business from all over social media and displays it on your website.

It provides you the feature to keep an eye on the content you want to display on your website; hence you can filter out all the irrelevant and unwanted posts. The tool allows you to customize feeds by changing the font style, color, and background and making your feed more appealing.

Tagembed makes your website interactive and keeps the audience engaged. It is an amazing tool to enchase your followers on social media, as it acts a link between your social media and your business website. Visitors can get a sneak into your Social media platforms without closing the window.

2. Feed Them Social

Feed Them Social allows you to collect the feeds from social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc., and displays them on your website. The tool creates a bridge between your social media platforms and website.

The tool is coding-free and is easy to use. You can add the feed as header, footer, and slider, as per your requirements.

3. Social Feed

Social Feed is another amazing tool that makes your website appealing to the users and links your social media platforms with your website.

The tools help you to display the feeds from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc., and connect your users with these social media platforms. You can combine multiple accounts from different social media platforms and display the feed as a single presentation.

4. Curator.io

Curator.io is one of the most popular tools in the market. It pulls the posts from different social media networks and displays them as a unified presentation on your website.

It allows you to design your template and make it look professional and vibrant. It provides different designs on the layouts so you can select the layout that suits your style and suits your website. It is compatible with all the devices, and hence, you don’t have to change the layout according to different devices.

5. Juicer

Juicer collects the posts related to your business from different social media platforms and showcases them into a single feed on your website. It aggregates the feed by using hashtags, tags, mentions, and locations.

You can select from different themes for the feed and choose the appropriate theme according to your website. You can also set up filters, moderate the posts and analyze the social media posts.

It has four pricing plans; small, medium, large, and enterprise, each providing different features; you can choose the appropriate plan according to your need and make your website more engaging.

6. Embed Social

Embed Social is a popular social media aggregation platform that pulls the content from social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and displays them on your website.

It provides a user a sneak into your social media presence and connects them with your social media network.

It allows you to showcase your feeds in different styles and options by using different templates.

It has three pricing options; PRO, PRO Plus, and Premium.

7. Elfsight Social Feed

Elfsight Social feed allows you to display the social media feeds from social media networks on your website.

Elfsight Social feed is compatible with many social media platforms, and many businesses worldwide use this tool. It one most trusted tool present in the market, providing a wide range of widgets and templates to embed on your website. The tool has four pricing plans that are; Lite, Basic, Pro, and Enterprise.


Social media has come a long way from being a medium of communication to a need in human life. Businesses are using social media for their marketing strategy and are always on a hunt to make maximum use of social media.

These tools are not only amazing tools for your website, but these tools also provide social proof to your customers. A customer always looks at reviews and social proof before buying any product, and with the help of these tools, you can fill the void and provide social proof to your customers.

These are 7 best tools available in the market and provide the best results, go ahead and try these tools and stand out from the crowd.

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