5 Social Media Story Ideas To Boost Your Brand

5 Social Media Story Ideas to Boost Your Brand

Half of the life of today's generation revolves around social media. From sharing a piece of our personal experience to using this platform to grow, make your brand, expand the business, and connect to people. Social media serve the purpose. The right and smart usage can facilitate in developing your brand. The most crucial component of building your brand is coming up with novel ideas regularly. It's an observation that I've made being the active participant of social media that we only follow, like, and support those brands whose posts intrigue us. The unique regular content is the one we like and admire. The one trying to develop a brand has to focus on his material as well as his consistency. Social Media is a powerful platform to display your talent. Your business, your ideas, your hard work will be noticed, if the content is unique and authentic. Hard work along with smart work is needed to build your empire and you can opt for the best SEO services if you need awesome results. Be true to your work, everything will fall into the place eventually.

Let's talk about some tricks and ideas that will elevate your brand to reach certain heights.

1.         Creation of Series of Posts- Daily, Weekly, Monthly

You should post quality content daily. Your content depends upon the following factors: your interests, your talents, your skills, what your audience demands, your opinions on social issues, and many more. Communicating with your followers is one way to gain their loyalty and trust. By regularly talking to them through live sessions, stories, polls, and direct messages, they will find their voice in you. You can talk about what issues fascinate them; it can be anything: poetry, a storytelling video, a dance video, a singing video, a blog, or an initiative. Engagement with your followers will help you grow as an individual and allow you to be more empathetic. The more you converse with them, the more you will learn about them, and you will see life from different perspectives. You will start to think out of the box to stay persistent. Don't get disheartened soon because gaining a strong and faithful fan base, will require time. So have the patience to keep up the excellent work.

2.         Run A Contest, Giveaway, Or Go Live

Running contest occasionally is one of the most impactful social media ideas for creating a niche for your brand. Make sure the prize of your contest should be related to your brand. For example, book lovers can provide books, makeup lovers can give their products to their followers, and the same goes with clothing and accessories. Do follow the terms and conditions to organize the contest and mention the rules in simple language for the participants, i.e., your followers. Do drop a concerned email address where people can present their questions or concerns. Hashtags are the easiest way to keep track of who is involved in the contest. Contests can spike up your follower count rapidly. Your voice, your real personality, is something that will pull people towards you. To go on live sessions on various social media platforms will have a firmer grip and impression when announcing a product or talking about something. You can interact with users by allowing them to come live with you. Your brand audience's connection is enhanced when you present yourself most realistically with minimum filters on your personality.

3.         Team Up With Another Brand

This is amongst the full proof strategies out there, considering that it's a win-win for both the parties involved. Primarily what happens is that the company partners up with other companies in many cases, a digital marketing company to help them in a specific campaign or a special event. This is highly beneficial to both as it provides exposure to both companies and broadens their target audience.

4.        Repurpose Your Content

The effort that goes into developing quality content is immense and isn't usually that apparent as in other design lines, which is why the content must get the needed pull from the target audience. An excellent way to start would be through SEO or search engine optimization to bring people's attention and then make sure that it is shared maximum times by sharing it beyond its original format.

5.         Bite-Sized Video Clips

In today's digital world, it is hard to keep the viewers' attention as they scroll down as soon as they feel a tad less interested, mainly due to the lack of time or the abundance of content. The best way around this is to make small bit sized clips to make sure that the viewer gets the gist of what you are trying to say. Doing this periodically is a way of keeping the viewer feel that it isn't too much of an investment of his/her time.

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