What Is The Best Pill To Stay Hard?

What Is The Best Pill To Stay Hard?

Erectile dysfunction can be explained to be regular trouble while a man is trying to get or sustain plenty of his erection that he can perform the pleasing sexual session. The thing to put your focus on here is “regular.” These types of problems found in men are normal while trying to get an erection on particular occasions, but when strong and durable erections occur occasionally or when you realize that your penis is producing weaker erections or oftentimes getting flat while you are sexually stimulated, you must start thinking that something with your sexual abilities is wrong.



Sildenafil (sold as Viagra), tadalafil (pill name Cialis), and vardenafil (a.k.a as Levitra) all fall under the category of medicines termed as PDE5 inhibitors. To have a better understanding of how these drugs work, we need a comprehensive study on erections. 


For the occurrence of an erection, a substance present in the body known as nitric oxide (NO) conveys a signal to the membranes present in the penis (professionally it's called the corpus cavernosum), which helps in the relaxation of muscles which further leads to filling of the penis with the abundant flow of blood. 


Viagra, Levitra, and Cialis; three are known to be reliable and efficient in the procedure involving the treatment of erectile dysfunction. The key distinctions among the three are:

1.             How the drugs need to be consumed

2.            How long does their effect last on your system

3.            What types of Side effects do these ED drugs possess on each individual

4.            How much do they vary in cost?

For rare usage, many men have been seen prescribed a medium-level dose of sildenafil to start with. For daily utilization of ED pills, tadalafil has been seen to serve as a better fit. A few men have been known to prefer to rotate between medicines, and this practice is completely dependent on the lifestyle and relationship status these men possess.


Viagra (sildenafil)

  • How to take: Viagra needs not to be swallowed while consuming your main course meals. Ideally, one shall wait at least an hour or two after the intake of the main course meal before taking the Viagra pills. If you are impatient and want to consume the pill with no more delay, then you must stick to a light, less in oil quantity meal. Fat-rich food and heavy alcohol use are  going to stop Viagra from its work.

  • How does it work: The drug will be effective in as less than ten minutes from the time of consumption, but ordinarily, you might have to let the pill linger in your body for about 1-hour ere it delivers its maximum effect. Then it will continue to work for more than 3 to 5 hours.

  • Typical dose: A typical dose prescribed to most men starts with a 50 mg pill. If you notice any negative effects transpiring in your body, it shall be slashed down to 25 mg. However, If the pill does not show satisfactory results, it may be raised to a cenforce 100 mg pill but only after consulting a doctor.

Cialis (tadalafil)

  • How to take it: Cialis remains unchanged if it gets mixed with the intake of your main course food. It may be consumed only when the situation necessitates it, which can be weekly, every day, or so on.
  • How fast it works: The pill will start functioning as fast as within a quarter of an hour, but it takes the medicine about 2 hours to reach the period when it is in its most effective state. 
    Cialis can linger in the body for a whopping 17 hours, which helps the individual with long-lasting erections and vigorous sex between those 17 hours.

  • Typical dose: An average starting dosage pill of Vidalista 20 Generic Cialis for rare use is as low as a 10 mg pill. It could be decreased to a 5 mg tablet or elevated to a 20 mg cap which completely depends on how the system reacts to its effects. The cyclic dosage usually prescribed by doctors is a 2.5 mg tablet.

Levitra (vardenafil)

  • How to take it: Just like Viagra, Levitra is also not best suited when taken with main course meals. Ideally, you have to at least wait for about 120 minutes after dining and then take it. And if that seems a hard option, stick to a fat-free, less oil meal.

  • How fast it works: The pill has been known to work as quickly as within only 14 minutes of consumption and reaches its highest outcome following 45 minutes of lingering in the system. The drug is known to work for up to 5 hours.

  • Typical dose: Popular starting dosage of a Levitra pill is a 10 mg tablet. Which shall be reduced to 5 mg if the effects are too strong or rather increased to the highest dose of 20 mg if your body requires more Levitra to let you perform vigorous sex.



The most commonly faced side effects by most men of all PDE5 inhibitors:

  • People have reported frequent headaches mostly during the day
  • Flushing has been seen in men in older age
  • Men with breathing issues have reported the effect of nasal congestion
  • some face Indigestion
  • Vision problems in some cases
  • men in old age face Muscle pain

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