Which Vitamin Overdose Can Cause Erectile Dysfunction?


Which Vitamin Overdose Can Cause Erectile Dysfunction?

A healthy diet with vitamins, minerals, and protein is essential to maintain health. The deficiency of any one mineral or vitamin can cause health issues including erectile dysfunction.

Vitamin is part of a healthy diet. The vitamin B complex improves several aspects of health and cures physical weakness.  C is a big booster of the immunity system. And D supports healthy bones, regulates calcium levels in the blood, and has a positive impact on the immune system. However, there were reports that some males are facing erectile issues after increasing the dose of vitamin D supplements. Let us study in detail to get the right conclusion.

Vitamin D Boosts Bone Health

Vitamin D is an important source of overall healthy ingredients. It supports bone health, prevents bone-related diseases, and regulates calcium in the blood. Medical studies have shown that vitamin D cuts the risk of respiratory diseases, viral, and kills microbial.

Its Deficiency causes osteoporosis, multiple sclerosis, increases chronic fatigue syndrome, and in some cases is the cause of depression. psychologists have confirmed that people living in prolonged winter conditions get depressed due to lack of sunlight, which is due to lack of required doses of vitamin D. That is the reason why people in countries with long winters depend on vitamin D supplements.

Bone weakness in mid-age males and older is one of the causes of erectile dysfunction. The joint pain, knee pain, and osteoporosis make it painful to engage in an intimate session. The lack of interest leads to erectile difficulties. It has come to the notice of doctors that some males using Cialis 60 mg for erection boost have vitamin D deficiency. So lack of sufficient this vitamin can lead to difficulties in getting a normal erection.

Overdose of Vitamin D-Consequences

Vitamin D and Erectile Dysfunction connection emerged in some medical observations. Some patients stopped taking its supplement, as they thought it is causing erection issues in them. The medical experts find this strange because this vitamin improves health and cures bone health deficiencies.

Possible Link With Disruption of The Erection Process

Normal the erection process is the result of relaxation of blood vessels due to the release of nitric oxide. The enzyme is stimulated when thought is triggered in the mind. The brain sends signals to the body to release nitric oxide in blood vessels. It relaxes blood vessels and causes blood to move towards the pelvic area. The process leads to an erection. Males who fail to relax blood vessels face erectile issues. Doctors prescribe 200 mg Sildenafil citrate to them to support the nitrate oxide in relaxing blood vessels but dosage varies from person to person because it is the highest dose and mostly prescribed to an older age. The ED medicines curb PDE5 enzyme to promote blood flow. So, any cause or lack of mineral, which controls blood vessels give birth to an erectile problem.

The biochemistry studied by doctors reveals that magnesium is needed to convert vitamin D into an active form.  When males take vitamin D supplements, the magnesium is depleted as it is required to process the vitamin. This may cause a shortage of magnesium in the body.

Erection Problem With Magnesium Shortage

The shortage of magnesium further led to high blood pressure and interfered with normal heart function. When magnesium is adequate in the body, it relaxes blood vessels, which encourage blood flow. Normal blood flow is an essential ingredient in an overall smooth erection process.

But lack of magnesium contracts the blood vessels, thus reducing blood flow towards the pelvic area. It is the cause behind disruption in the erection process. Hence, the males with an overdose of vitamin D were facing difficulty in getting an erection. Other issues that emerge with low magnesium include tension, anxiety, headache, pain, muscle cramps, and muscle twitches. There is no evidence linking the natural process of acquiring this through direct sunlight to any physical weakness.

Thus, it has been proved that in males who are low on magnesium, the overdose of vitamin D leads to some problems in normal erection. It is not the supplement of vitamin, but the loss of magnesium occurring in its conversion that is at the root of the problem. This is because magnesium is used in the conversion of supplement into its active use. So, males with magnesium deficiency need to increase their intake of spinach, black beans, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, etc.  These items also reduce dependence on Levitra to boost blood circulation, but before using this medication must consult your doctor. There will be no fear of an adverse reaction with a natural remedies.

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