What is the Function of Front Axle - Types And Uses


What is the Function of Front Axle - Types And Uses

The axle is a common word which all the tractor users use. It is the structural part of the tractor which encourages the tractor's structural load. There are two types of axles available and the front axle among them.

The front axle is a term which is widely used in the tractor sector. It is attached to the front part of the tractor to keep the tractor's movement. Front axle widely used in short turns where farmers want to steer their tractor left or right. Every tractor brand like Same Deutz tractor provides the best front axle that makes it perfect for short turns. The brand fixes the Mahindra tractor and produces their tractors with the facilities of the front axle.

You often heard about the front axle but did you know what it is and its use. If not, then this is the correct platform for you. Here we come with this blog which discusses the function, types and uses of the front axle.

What is the Front Axle & Its Uses

The front axle is a tractor part that helps to move tractors and agricultural equipment on the working field. It is mounted to the tractor's front part to steer the tractor towards the right and left. Front axle provides more excellent stability and safety at high speed by lowering the tractor's gravity centre by dropping the entire axle's centre portion. The drop also prevents interference at the front engine location.  Front axle carries the front part weight of the tractor. It provides steering features and absorbs shocks due to the road surface variations.

The front axle categorised in the dead axle and the live axle. Live axles have the differential mechanism from which the engine power flows towards the front wheels. Constant velocity joints involved in the axle half shafts for steering front wheels. These joints help turn the stub axles around the king-pin, without affecting the power flow through the half shafts. The steering system converts the steering wheel's rotary motion into the front wheel's angular turning.

Function of Front Axle

       Front axle supports the weight of the front part of the tractor.

       It facilitates the steering system.

       The front axle absorbs the shocks due to an undulated or wavy road surface.

       It absorbs the torque which applied to it because of braking of the vehicle.

       Power the transmission also done on-road wheels using this device in a 4-wheel drive machine.

Types of Front Axle

There are two types of the front axle available:-

  1. Rigid Type

Rigid types of front axle mostly come with old era tractors and rigidly tied up with chassis. With time, tractors got compatible with various slopes.

  1. Swinging Type

Swinging type is a modified a version of rigid type front axle and widely used in latest tractors. The axle's centre rests on the front side of the machine by using a centre pin. Through this alignment, the right or left wheel easily moved down, up, or swung in various directions.

Front Axle Assembly

Following are the front axle assembly with details:-

       Axle Beam

Front axle carries the tractor's front end load and absorbs shocks while executing farming operations in the field. It involves an axle beam which is very powerful and robust. It prevents the tractor from shocks on the rugged and uneven surface of the area. Various types of cross-sections are suitable in the main axle beam.

       Split Type Axle Beam

Old era tractors used single axle beams, and nowadays it is only used in earth moving tractors. The split type axle beam invented for the latest tractors, a modified version of single axle beam, generally used for various farming applications. The split type axle beam made with 3-pieces, the centre portion attached to the front part of the tractor chassis using a centre pin. The left and right portions attached to the centre beam using bolts and nuts.

       Stub Axles

A wheel hub is connected using a 2-taper roller bearing with the stub axle.

       Ball Joint

Ball joint used to provide angular movement to the stub axle. The balls move according to the angle in ball joints. There two types of ball joints are available, first is the fixed type used for small tractors and second is adjustable types that are perfect for heavy machines. In an adjustable type ball joint, the pressure which applied to the balls can be adjusted by the nuts.

       Radius Rods

Radius rods used to release the engine from the front side thrust and maintain the front axle's straight posture. It always maintains the stance of the front axle. Most chassis fewer tractors come with radius rods.

Front Axle Repair

The front axle's nature is rigid, which usually does not need much attention and maintenance. It only requires regular servicing and greasing that stops quality loss with time and provides better working.

These are all about the front axle function, types and uses. We hope you enjoyed this blog and liked it. Also, you gained all the essential information about the front axle. If you want the latest updates about the tractor, tune in with us. 

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