Agriculture Machinery According To the Farming Operation


Agriculture Machinery According To the Farming Operation

Farm machinery is an important part of the farming sector. It is used in the farming field for performing various farming applications. From planting to harvesting, the entire work of farming is done by the different agriculture machines. It includes cultivators, rotavators, harvesters, harrows, etc.

In this blog, we are presenting different farm machinery under the farming operation.

Farm machinery For Soil Cultivation

First, we start with the soil cultivation process. The operation uses various machines like a cultivator, plough, rotary tiller, etc. Following are the soil cultivation farm machinery.


A cultivator is farm equipment, perfect for pulverizing and stirring the soil before planting. Apart from this, it removes weeds and loosens the soil after crops grow. The cultivator attaches with the tractor by a three-point hitch. It operated by a tractor and stirred the soil to a higher depth than the harrow implement.

In the market, several brands are available that manufactured different cultivators. These brands are Mahindra tractor, Swaraj tractor, etc.

Types of Cultivator

       Spring Tyne Cultivator

       Rigid Tyne Cultivator

       Rigid Tyne Shovel Type Cultivator

       Bar Point Cultivator


The plough implements initially used in soil cultivation and sowing seed preparation. It turns the upper layer of the soil and improves fresh surface nutrients. This process increases moisture retention. The machine is perfect for hard fields and rock land. It is suitable for hard and dry soil. The machine is suitable for deeper cultivation.

Types of Plough

       Rotary Plough

       Chisel or subsurface Plough

       Sub Soiler Plough

       Mould Board Plough

       Disc Type Plough

Rotary Tiller

Rotary tiller, known as rotavators, are suitable for soil cultivation which is the first and important step for productive farming. A rotary tiller is used as a rotavator, power tiller, revolving hoe or rotary plough. The rotary tiller is connected behind a tractor as an extension. The rotary tiller is widely used in dry fields for soil cultivation.

It is a multipurpose farm tool that braking and digging the soil. The automotive implement comes with advanced features. The machine is perfect for soil preparation, seed planting, and soil braking.

Types of Rotary Tiller

       Ground Tiller

       Medium Duty Rotavator

       Heavy Duty Rotavator


Harrow is an agricultural implement used to break up soil and make the soil surface smooth. The machinery is suitable for soil cultivation. The features and work of harrows are different from the plough. The main work of harrow is to break the soil lumps and provide a good soil structure for seeding and planting. The machine has many cutting blades that are used to kill unwanted weeds.

Types of Harrow

       Spring Harrows

       Roller Harrow

       Chain Harrow

       Disc Harrows

Farm Machinery For Planting

After soil cultivation, planting is the second step of farming. The planting operation used a seed drill which is described in the below section.

Seed Drill

The seed drill machine used in agriculture is to press seeds into the soil for crops and sow them to a specific depth. The machine ensures that the seeds are distributed equally. The seed sow at the proper seeding rate and depth by the machine. The seed drill ensures that the seeds are covered by soil. Seeds are spread in rows with the help of a seed drill implement.

Farming Machinery for Fertilizing & Pest Control

Pests and insects are the main problems of crops' low growth. Ever since the farm machinery has developed, this sprinkler operation has become simpler and less time-consuming. A sprayer is the main farm equipment for crop protection, fertilizing, and pest control.


A sprayer is a farm tool that spreads fertilizer in the farming field and controls pests. With the help of this, farmers can save their plants and crops from harmful pests and insects. The tool attaches to the back of the tractor. A sprayer is suitable to spray pesticides, fertilizers, herbicides, etc. on crops or plants. The farm tool completes various farming tasks very effectively like water projection, kill weeds, and spray pest maintenance chemicals.

Types of Sprayer

       Knapsack Sprayer

       Portable Power Sprayer

       Knapsack Power Sprayer

       Mist Dust Sprayer

       HTP Sprayers

       Orchard Sprayers

Farm Machinery for Harvesting and Threshing

The last step is harvesting, and a harvester & thresher is the best machine for it. Following are the harvesting and threshing machines.


Harvester is a farm implement that completes harvesting operations effectively. It is a combination of reaper and thresher that harvesting crops and grains. The three operations of farming are completed by one machine, and that is the harvester. The machine harvests and threshes the crops. Later it cleans the grains from the straw. This enables farmers to harvest large amounts of crops. Spread the remaining grains in the field or keep them for future use.

Type of harvester

       Self-propelled type

       Mounted Type


A thresher is a part of the farm machine that threshes removes and grains the seeds from the stalks and husks. The machine completes the threshing work very effectively.

Types of Thresher

       The dummy type

       Drummy Type

       Spike Tooth Type

       Rasp bar Type

       Hammer Mill Type

       Wire Loop Type

       Axial Flow Type

       Syndicator Type

       Pedal Operated

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