Some Powerful Strategies For High Conversion Landing Page

Some Powerful Strategies for High Conversion Landing Page

If you take interest in maximizing your ROI or increasing your PPC campaign’s performance then it will be right for you to optimize the landing page of your site. With this, your conversions can also increase. Look at the following stats:

       According to HubSpot, at the time of organizing a campaign, some marketers like to build a new landing page, and the percentage of these marketers are 48 %.

       According to Google, a key phrase known as ‘conversion rate optimization’ has gained so much popularity in recent years. 

       According to Ascend2, the conversion rate is used for measuring the landing page performance of several B2B marketers and these are 57 % among all.

Now I will describe in detail some powerful strategies for high converting landing pages.

1. Use clear calls-to-action – To attract users to the landing page, you need to focus on your CTA’s design. But how will you do this?

       Using positive determiners – For directly addressing the readers, you can use the word ‘you’ which is a positive determiner. The visitor will more likely click on the CTA button if you will use this determiner.

       Using colors which are consistent with the design – If your landing page design uses a blue-colored logo then for getting maximum clicks what needs to be your CTA button’s color? You have to use the same blue color in your CTA.

2. Use images with an objective – Sometimes instead of text, the pictures help in driving the conversions. But what type of images are helpful here?

·       Using images that exhibit the benefits – The images that exhibit the benefits of the products can attract the customers towards the products. After seeing the benefits, the customers will more likely purchase the product.

·       Use a hero shot for showcasing the products or services in action – If you give the demo of the working of a product in the form of an image then it is known as the hero shot. This will grab the attention of a lot of visitors.

3. Use social media – It has been found that various publishers and brands use networks and applications for signing-in to Facebook and the percentage of this type of sign-in is 62 %. As compared to entering the details in the long forms in a landing page, it is more convenient, faster, and easier to sign-in on a social media page. The conversion chances increase with this.

4. Use live chatting – Earlier the customers could get the details about the services and products of a company by talking on the phone. But now with the use of rich media and compelling copy, the web has taken its place. Today for boosting the conversion, you can use live chat. The reasons for this are:

       It provides a good user experience with the least resistance.

       It provides a more real user experience.

       With this the anxiety of the buyer gets relieved.

Let the people know more and more about your product with the use of live chat. This can help in increasing the conversions.

5. Remove elements of navigation – Keeping the audience on the landing page is your basic aim. However, the audience can move away from the landing page by making use of navigational elements. You have to prevent them from doing this because it lowers down the conversion chances. Let us take the example of HubSpot. After removing the navigation of the footer and header, and removing the share links of social media, they noticed a 28 % increase in their conversions. There are no navigational elements in the landing pages that are successful i.e., the landing page does not contain the side menu or the footer. You can allow only CTA buttons for the visitors to perform navigation.

6. Use logos of clients – The authority figures influence the people a lot. So, it will be good if landing pages include client logos in them. You may have helped certain businesses at some time earlier. If you will show these business logos on your landing page then the people who will visit your site can get information about how you provided help to those businesses. It will help in establishing trust with the people who visit your site. As a result, your conversions can increase.

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