Inspiring Font And Color Combinations For Your Logo


Inspiring Font And Color Combinations For Your Logo

Well, having a logo is becoming crucial for all companies. No matter if it is a small-scale or a large-scale brand. It lets you uniquely identify your brand in the market among millions of others.

Even most of the time people just remember the brand because of the appealing logo. The human mind is much more habituated to remembering visuals, that’s the reason why companies are emphasizing it. It has equal importance as the other components of the business and must be designed strategically.

However, designing a logo isn't an easy task. It requires expertise and a creative mind to make the best ever. There are a lot of components that need to be incorporated logically so that it gives the appealing look. Such as fonts, colors, shapes, etc. and your logo design must contain everything nicely to make it eye-catching. It must hold the personality of the brand as well as be able to lure the customers.

In this case, you can take the help of the logo design company as they have knowledge of what would suit them the most. So, let’s discuss some of the best pairing of colors and fonts for your logo.

Font Combinations

Fonts are one of the most attractive elements of the whole custom logo design. As viewers, first attention would be towards the brand name which is written with some attractive font. Additionally, you can use more than one font in the same logo to differentiate the two separate names. However, make sure that they look nice to each other and possibly from the same font family.

01. Montserrat and Courier New

A great combination of fonts that makes your custom logo design appealing. The primary aim of designing Montserrat is to reduce the beauty of urban typefaces in the market. The font design is inspired by the signs in Buenos Aires.

Moreover, most of the time when we search for fonts then definitely come across the Courier New font, it’s highly popular. Even for the printed and digital forms, for both the combinations of it are remarkable. Today, a lot of logo design companies use these combinations. Therefore, it won’t be the wrong choice to use it for custom logo design.

02. Source sans pro and Time new roman

Times new roman is extensively used in printed and digital forms for writing. However, it has great visuality to include in the logo design as it’s a highly readable, classic serif. Although, it's an older typeface but can give your design an outstanding look for sure.

Along with that Source sans pro is the best combination, it is a modern typeface. It is Adobe's first open-source typeface family. It improves the clarity and legibility of the design. Hence, it will surely give your logo a modern look that attracts more people. 

03. Rockwell and Bembo

Rockwell is considered to be one of the best classic slab serif fonts. It has the power to capture the attention of the people and hold the personality of the brand. The bold version of it is perfectly suitable for the headlines, titles, and the line which want to highlight.

Bembo is another attractive and versatile font that gives your logo an elegant look. It gives a nice appearance in the body text or the details. That means both the font along with each other would be the best choice for your custom logo design.

Color combinations

It is highly essential to understand the psychology of colors before using it in the logo design. Each color indicates some valuable message and if it is used nicely then make your custom logo design meaningful. Based on what message you want to illustrate, the choice of color also should be similar to that.

01. Yellow and Green

A great color combination to include in your logo design. The Yellow color evokes feelings of happiness, and optimism. Whereas, Green is a cool color and hence more often used in design related to nature.

Specifically, the brand relates to agriculture or the environment this color combination would be the best choice. It holds the personality of the business and viewer and relates to it more easily. Therefore, this is how this pairing is the perfect choice for your logo.

02. Red and Black

Another superior color pairing that makes your logo bold and shiny. This combination shows the full energy hence many sports teams have incorporated red and black in the logo and jersey as well.

You can use any of the colors as background and foreground. But the red has more power to highlight the name of the brand and looks catchy as well. Red indicates excitement, passion, and danger, whereas black is used to convey messages mysterious, protection, and much more.

03. Yellow and Blue

One more eye-catching color combination for your logo. Yellow is much more popular for attention-grabbing that’s why it is the perfect choice to include. Yellow is considered to be a bright color and along with Blue makes it the perfect balance.

Wrapping up

While making logos, it is highly essential to understand the significance of the design elements. The overall appearance of the logo highly depends on how you utilized those elements. As discussed, color and fonts are also vital to design elements and the above-mentioned points let you understand how you can make the best use of its design appealing logo.

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