10 Kitchen Island Styles That Are Raging in 2020


10 Kitchen Island Styles That Are Raging in 2020

The year 2020 is coming to an end but there’s no limit to the new styles available in kitchen islands.

Kitchen islands are extremely functional and increase your flexibility while prepping and cooking food. Whether you are cooking a simple meal or gourmet-style dishes to feed your family – having a kitchen island provides a foundation base for your cooking.

So, if there’s any upcoming kitchen renovation project at your home and you are planning to install an island, then selecting the right model that suits your kitchen is necessary.

Depending on your kitchen’s size, shape, and theme, has a base that complements your home and increases its value tremendously. Whether you want a modern, contemporary, or vintage style – you can select the kitchen island that you feel most comfortable with.

So, here are the 10 ideas that can grab your interest while selecting one for your home:

  • Magic of Marble and Metal

Marble and metal are individually both great elements for kitchen islands. But the twist is you can combine these materials to create a magical fusion in your kitchen. As marble is stone, it combines excellently with the sleek metal, leading to a beautiful contrast in your cooking space. If you’re thinking about how you can achieve it, try marble as the surface with metal stands or stools.

  • Reflect Beauty With A Mirrored Surface

Mirrors are a great choice for reflecting light, heat, and your kitchen’s beauty. Install a kitchen island with mirror walls and a shiny surface on the top. See how it elevates your kitchen space in the mornings by reflecting natural light.

  • Glow Your Kitchen With A Golden Island

Give your kitchen a golden glow with an island having marble with golden streaks. For additional golden shade; fix the island walls with different golden tones of wallpaper. This idea is better suited to those who have a plain kitchen and want a luxurious element to highlight their space.

  • Bring in Country Vibes

Shift your kitchen to the one like in the countryside home by installing a kitchen island with rustic colors and textures. You can choose dark wooden colors as the surface and have black drawers with golden handles. For the added country look, you can go for the same style for backsplashes as well.

  • Add Warmth With A Wooden Island

Whether you have a modern or traditional kitchen, a wooden kitchen island is the best choice for adding the right amount of homeliness. It not only adds warmth to your kitchen but also creates a strong base for heavy prepping and cooking.

  • Black and White Surface – The Evergreen Style

The Black & white combo never goes out of style. If you are one of those who love this combination, then go for this style for your kitchen island. You can create a white marble surface with black bottom walls. You can even design the same for island stools.

  • Make The Surface focal Point in The Kitchen

Make your kitchen island stand out in your kitchen by placing it in the center of the kitchen. Having it in the middle will give you easy access to work anywhere in the kitchen.

  • Drawer Styled Kitchen Island

Don’t leave the island walls empty but make use of them by having drawers or open shelves. You can place items like glass and ceramic kitchenware and take them out easily when you are prepping on the surface.

  • 9.  Slim and Stylish Kitchen Island

If you prefer minimalistic designs, then you can have slim and stylish islands with a plain surface as the top and metallic or wooden legs. Slim designs are perfect for modern kitchens and those who want minimal designs in their kitchen.

  • Pop-Out Your Island With Different Colours

Why not make your kitchen vibrant by popping two or more colors? For instance, try red or blue color as kitchen island surface, yellow or orange-based stools, and for the shelves, you can have any matching shade complementing all the other colors. It pops out your island from the rest of the kitchen, creating a beautiful look to the plain kitchen.

  • Curvy Island For A Better Look

Think outside of the box and create a kitchen island that’s curvy in shape. But it may not suit all the kitchen types. Talk to your renovator and ask if the design is possible. If it is, then your kitchen has an excellent highlighting feature.

  • Give Your Kitchen A statement look

Adding a kitchen island is one of the latest trends you can include in your 2020 kitchen. So, don’t compromise on the design and ensure you are installing the right one in your kitchen. And you can enjoy prepping and cooking more and can keep your family well-satisfied.

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