Enhance Your Flooring: Ongoing Marble Trends and Designs


Enhance Your Flooring: Ongoing Marble Trends and Designs

Marble is no doubt the popular choice among homeowners. Whether it’s décor, lvp flooring, or benchtops items – marble is the best option for making your home elegant.

So, if you’re planning to construct your home using marble, you might be searching for the latest and trending designs to install at your home. And we know how it’s frustrating to use the same old techniques and patterns of marble inside your home. It’s the reason we’ve brought you the ever-green designs and patterns in marble that you can use while building your home.

Heavy and Light Veined Marble

  • Heavy and Light Veined Marble

Marble’s beauty comes primarily from its vein patterns. Intricate patterns on flooring give your home a sophisticated look while light patterns make your flooring look subtle and elegant. Moreover, veins are available in a wide range of dark and light shades. Dark-coloured lines can add depth, aesthetics, while the range of colours can match any kind of architecture. Whether your home is modern, traditional, or contemporary – marble is the best choice to elevate beauty.

  • The Minimalistic and Neutral Palette

Minimalistic patterns in light shades can never go out of trend. Colours like grey, light green, white, black, etc., paired with contrasting veins are perfect for the homeowners who want to keep it minimal. Neutral shades not only give your home a humble appearance but also look easy on the eyes. Moreover, it looks fantastic in commercial settings giving a classy and professional front to the offices.

  • Marble For Both Floors and Countertops

Have you ever thought of matching both your floors and countertops with the same kind of marble? It creates cohesion and depth to your home and opens up more space. It also creates more light and illuminates the area to be big. When you are planning to renovate or newly construct your home using marble, try this idea to create a combining and uniform look in your home. You can install marble flooring and countertops in the kitchen, bathroom, living room, etc.

  • The Magic of Marble and Wood

The classy marble and the warm wood are the perfect combinations to infuse modern and vintage vibes. Pair any marble colour like white, grey, black, etc. with wood tones to get the sophisticated look you want at your home. It brings the country vibes in your kitchen while keeping it modern, classy, functional for you to work. You can even try this trend in offices or any other commercial setting where you need to make a good first impression on your clients.

  • Marble Architecture and Décor

Some people might not prefer the whole marble look. Maybe it looks too overwhelming to your eye. So why not settle marble for your home décor and other architectural items. It suits well to your modern home and also looks pleasing to the eye. Try adding some marble wall hangings or marble coffee tables in your home to bring cohesion. Or else try marble shelves in your living room and place your favourite décor items to elevate the look in your home. Marble has the power to blend with any kind of decoration idea you might have in your mind. Moreover, there are different kinds of marble (both natural and engineered) to satisfy all your interior designing goals.

  • Coloured Marble on The Kitchen

Do you want your kitchen to be colourful and vibrant? But adding different colours of tiles could be glaring and childish. The best alternative is to try different coloured marble on benchtop, splashbacks, on the kitchen island, etc. to get a subtle variation in your kitchen. You can try either different coloured veins on the same marble colour or different coloured marble. You can have that contrast kitchen in the best way possible. Sure, it can be costly to invest in different marble but it’ll be worth it.

  • What Other Stones Are Trending in 2020?

Natural stones like granite, marble are trending along with engineered variants to match any kind of idea you have in your mind. With all the choices in the market, you don’t have to settle with anything when it comes to beautifying your home. Some of the popular choices among homeowners are quartz, Carrara, Calcutta, statuario, granite, etc. You can choose anyone depending on your home style, time, budget, and availability.

  • Incorporate Both Modern and Traditional Styles.

Suppose you want to renovate your old home to make it modern and stylish, then using marble is the best way to achieve it. Do some tweaks in flooring, benchtops in the kitchen and bathroom, build some marble shelves, and don’t compromise on the quality of marble. It’s a feasible way to incorporate modern style into your plain or old home. Whatever you do, take help from professionals, your friends, family, etc. to have more personalised choices.

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