15 Tips For International Students Moving To the UK

 15 Tips For International Students Moving To the UK

Moving out, especially for the first time to study abroad, can be an exciting yet stressful experience. It can be pretty overwhelming to handle everything by yourself. So in this guide, we are going to give all new students fifteen pointers on how to settle in the UK.

1.      Visa details and paperwork

The visa and related paperwork is the foundation of your journey. This is a crucial step so keep everything handy when you are set to travel. To apply for a visa, you will need the following:

·         Application form for the visa

·         Photographs

·         A valid passport

·         Financial records

·         Proof of accommodation

·         Tuberculosis test results

·         A travel itinerary

·         Biometric info

·         Paid fee for the UK visa

3.     Scholarships

There are a good number of scholarships available for international students going to the UK. Most of them pay for the tuition fee, living allowance, and a return flight from the UK among other things. Create a list of universities and the course you want to apply to. Then check out their websites for details about scholarships offered by them.

3.     Accommodations

Plan beforehand where you are going to live, once you are in the UK. Most universities will provide accommodations on the campus. But it is always wise to explore other options too. There are various student accommodation solutions available that have promising facilities. 

4.     Research

It is recommended that international students should gather information about the other country and pack accordingly. It is a good idea to prepare beforehand for everything. Befriending students from the university before you get into also gives a clearer view of things. 

5.     Get a bank account

With the chaos of packing and travelling do not miss out on opening a bank account in the UK. There are banks that work internationally. But it is much convenient to have a new bank account for your finances when in the UK.

6.    Health Insurance

Many students do not give this much thought. The UK has a sound National Healthcare System which you can benefit from. Depending upon your visa type, you can obtain access to it. There are also many private healthcare institutes too.

7.     Create a budget

This might sound like the least exciting step, yet it is essential for your future financial expenditure. It will save time and make sure that your finances are not being spent in the wrong places. Keeping a budget plan will help you from going overboard while spending money.

8.    Transport

An oyster card is bound to make travelling easy and convenient for you. It is basically a travel pass which is used for most transportation services in London. Apart from that, buses, metro, coaches, and underground commute are at your disposal. A student pass works in all services as per your comfort and needs.

9.    Improve your writing skills

The hugest challenge you will face while studying in the UK is writing essays. Your teachers will expect each new essay to exceed the level of the previous one. Hence, it is vital to work on your grammar, tone, and vocabulary beforehand. Also, you can always reach out to our expert assignment writers to provide essays on any topic.

10.                        Learn commonly used words and phrases

The best way to blend in new surroundings is to learn the common tongue. There are many British terms and phrases you might not have heard before. Learning them will help you in communicating and not feeling alienated.

11.  Stay healthy

Our health plans are sure to take a backseat when there is so much new to discover. But staying healthy is equally important as your academics. Go back to the basic practices like staying hydrated, and taking proper meals and sleep.

12.  Take it slow

It can be really overwhelming and exhausting at times to get used to everything new. Take slow steps and do not expect everything to be perfect right from the steps. Take cautious steps and make wise decisions.

13. Get vaccinations

It is compulsory for most students settling in the UK to get vaccinations. Also, get yourself checked if you have any allergies and have to carry medications.

14.Pack properly

Make a checklist to organize everything you have packed. Keep it useful and simple. Important things can be taken with you while the rest can be shipped.

15. Eating options

There is a great variety of eating options that anyone new in the UK must try. But do not make a habit of eating take-out. Try cooking for yourself and invite friends over to enjoy the experience. It is a much healthier option.

These were the fifteen tips that are bound to help anyone going to the UK for further studies. Keep them in mind and you are sure to make it the most memorable experience of your life.

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