Can You Reuse And Recycle Tiles After Tile Removal Process?

Tile Removal Process

Tiles offer an attractive and amazing look on the walls and floors. Moreover, you can maintain these tiles with the help of tile stripping services in less amount as compared to install the new tiles and floor. On the other hand, you always don’t need to remove the old floor to get a better appearance and overall look. because you can maintain and repair the overall look of the tiles with the help of stripping.

On the other hand, tile removal requires a lot of time and investment. Therefore, it’s better to deal with the issues wisely and with care to save a lot of money or time. However, at some points, you need to remove the old tiles to get rid of mould and mildew stick on the tiles. But you can also use these tiles again on the floor after clearing the stains, marks and mould.

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Because recycle tiles are a great option to save the tiles patterns as well as tiles. So, you can reuse the same patterns and tiles on another location for a changed look. On the other hand, you need to focus on the following guidelines before stripping or removing old tiles:

Keep Your Safety On Priority:

Before starting the process of tile removal, you need to wear the mask and gloves appropriately to save your eyes and hands from interacting with dirt and debris. Just like this, you need to wear this safety kit while doing the tile stripping. However, it’s better to get these services from a professional company especially for a larger and wide area.

But if you are doing it by yourself then follow all the safety guidelines. It will keep you safe from dirt, dust and injuries. Moreover, if you are using any kind of chemical to recycle tiles then do it with great care.

Remove Old Grout Before Tiles:

It’s better to remove grout before tiles with the help of a blade or scrapper. Because it will allow easy removal of tiles. However, while doing it with blades and scrapers, focus on the edges of tiles to save the tiles from cracks and damages. Therefore, it’s better to use these tools accordingly to the size and shape of the tiles.

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You can also use a knife to remove the chisel as well as a grout removal for better and effective results. Be aware while accessing the grout in the surrounding tiles to save it from damages.

Gently Tap First Tile To Remove All:

After removing grout, now, it’s time to remove tiles on the floor and walls. To remove the tiles on the walls, gently insert the knife or blade between the empty place of tiles and go on gently. Try to remove all the tiles without damaging and cracking. So, you can reuse it in another place. Repeat the same process until removing all the tiles to clear the floor for the new installation.

Clean The Tiles For Reuse:

After completing the process of tile removal, you need to clean the tiles from mould and mortar to recycle tiles. For this, you can use a knife and scraper to remove all the stuff on the tiles including mortar and mould. However, don’t put high pressure while doing this. Otherwise, tiles will break down easily.

On the other hand, tile stripping is also suitable to make the tiles reusable on the same as well as a different location. Furthermore, you can also do the cleaning of these tiles with the help of mild cleaners and natural ingredients.

For this, apply the cleaning solution on the tiles and let it sit on them for 15 minutes. So, the tiles may soak in the solution completely and easily remove the mortar and mould. You need to do the cleaning of these tiles until the removal of mortar and mould on it completely.

After that, you can clean or wipe out the tiles with plain water. Moreover, you can also clean it with the help of a sponge dipped in a cleaning solution to remove all residue and dirt. After removing mortar and mould completely, you can reuse these tiles anywhere and anytime.

So, the cleaning process of these tiles takes time to make them reusable. But doing this, you can save a lot of time and money. On the other hand, stripping is also a safe option to save the floors and tile’s surface from mortar and mould. Besides this, it will also help to prevent the further build-up of mould and mildew.

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