Garden Supplies Every Amateur Gardeners Must Have


Garden Supplies Every Amateur Gardeners Must Have

Stuck in your house during the lockdown, starting up your garden would be the next best thing. Gardening under present circumstances will benefit you double-fold - vegetables to your table, and a hobby to keep you going. Don’t worry if you are an amateur, because this guide will help you gather the essential garden supplies, helpful tips, and optional add-ons that can make gardening easy in a snap. Here is a list of ten must-have tools you need to round-up:

Trowel - The trowel is the most basic of gardening tools you will come across. Being a multipurpose tool, the trowel is a hand-held tool that helps to break up soil clumps or dig up holes, dig out weeds, or even transplant seeds. If you prefer to grow container plants or grow plants on a large scale, trowel would be your tool 101. Having a solid metal blade with a good sturdy wooden handle would give you leverage in your garden.

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Pruning Shears - Pruning or harvesting is a regular gardening chore that will require you to procure yourself a pair of pruning shears. Be it a berry bush or your vegetable patch, having sturdy pruning shears is one of the primary rules of garden supply. Give your stem the perfect ‘Y’ shape with a clean-cut and a snip at the node. With appropriate guidance and further tutelage on gardening, you can improve your gardening skills. 

Pruning Shears

Watering Can or Hose Pipe - A good old watering-can can go a long way when it comes to gardening. Giving you ample leverage to high foliage, control over the pressure of the water, and the flow of the water, it can be a highly useful tool in your garden. If you are planning on automating your gardening, having hosepipes or sprinklers would be an optimum choice. A sprayer attachment to the sprinkler can also better control the water flow and pressure. The best time to water your plants would be the early mornings when the temperatures are cooler.

Garden Rake or Hoe - Keeping your garden clean is as important as keeping your house clean. Garden rakes are a very useful garden supply that allows you to create smooth and leveled soil while removing unwanted weeds and other debris at the same time.

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If you are trying to till down tough and overgrown soil, a garden hoe could help landscape your soil better. Preferably choose a long wooden handle and uniform metallic tines, which help rake down leaves and other grass clippings at a sturdy angle.

Angled Shovel - Last but not the least of which is the angled shovel that plays a crucial role in your home gardening techniques. The triangular-shaped head of the angled shovel allows you to dig holes with better vantage, move soil, or even replace plants. Once you do get the hang of using an angled shovel, a squared-off spade can help you give cleaner cuts to your garden landscape.

Garden Gloves - Yes, while wearing garden gloves might seem a little overboard but it does make gardening a classy hobby and also protects your fingers from forming callouses and chipping any nail. But this is one garden supply that you can pamper yourself with and encourage the gardening hobby into a more passionate task.

Wheel Barrow - Finally, the wheelbarrow helps you move your mulch, soil, minerals, and other compost around your garden with ease. If you have an open yard where you can expand your garden, having a wheelbarrow is quite meaningful.

Choose your garden supply with care, be it plastic or metal, as it can make or break your garden. Choose your tools not just depending on your budget, but also based on the type of product you plan to grow.

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