How To Shop For Sustainable Jewellery

How To Shop For Sustainable Jewellery

We should all be making an effort to be more sustainable wherever possible in our lives, and today we’re here to introduce how to shop for more sustainable jewellery! Your options are endless when it comes to sustainable jewellery, as not only can you find something for every budget, but they will also be extremely beautiful pieces, whether you want them to go with your latest party dresses or for everyday wear. You won’t have to compromise on beauty for sustainability, that’s for sure! So, here are some great tips to help you if you’re new to shopping for sustainable jewellery. 

Consider Lab Grown Gemstones

Our first tip when shopping for sustainable jewellery is to consider lab-grown gemstones! Lab-grown gemstones can be created by creating an artificial environment that mimics the heat and pressure that is needed to create natural diamonds deep underground. Rather than it taking millions of years for gemstones to be created, it can take as little as 6 to 10 weeks. Modern practices used for mining gemstones are extremely damaging, requiring a significant amount of equipment and chemicals to enable extraction, which then results in the environment being significantly damaged. 

So, a great alternative is to buy lab-grown gemstones, which help to remove a significant amount of the damage that is caused when extracting natural gemstones. Plus, their internal structure is extremely similar, so much so only gemstone experts could potentially tell the difference, although sometimes it is impossible. They are equally as beautiful too, which is important to note. 

Buy Vintage

Another thing you can do to shop more sustainably for jewellery is to buy vintage! When you choose vintage jewellery, not only are you reducing the demand for new gemstones to be extracted, which we already know is damaging, but it also makes sure that exceptionally beautiful pieces of jewellery don’t go to waste. As the process has already been completed to extract the gemstones and metals, it is far more sustainable to make sure that the jewellery is loved and appreciated. Equally, the processes used to make vintage jewellery were much less damaging as everything was done by hand, so even then, it was much more sustainable.

Aside from the sustainability benefits, vintage jewellery has an entire history behind it and as everything was handcrafted by jewellery experts in each era, they have stood the test of time and look incredible. They are also usually one of a kind, so you know there is nothing else like your jewellery out there. Another benefit is that because they have been bought before, vintage jewellery is tax-exempt, so you can get a piece of jewellery that is the same quality, with the same size and quality gemstone, for 20% less than a modern equivalent. As you can see, there are so many benefits to shopping for vintage jewellery, so we hope we have inspired you to consider it! 

Choose Solid Gold or Sterling Silver

Next, you should make sure that you choose solid gold or silver when buying sustainable jewellery, as this will help to make sure that it lasts. When you buy non-precious metal or plated jewellery, it is likely to tarnish quite quickly, so you will have to replace it more often, and the process of creating the jewellery has gone to waste. However, when you choose solid gold or sterling silver for your flat back earrings, earring charms, necklaces, rings or earrings, they can last you decades, if not a lifetime. They are also designed for everyday wear, so you don’t need to worry about them getting damaged. 

You might need to pay more for solid gold or sterling silver, but if you compare this to replacing cheaper pairs of earrings or pendants over your lifetime, it will cost far more, both financially as well as for the environment! 

Choose Timeless Pieces

Last but not least, you should make sure that you are shopping for timeless pieces. There is no point investing in an expensive statement ring that follows a trend, only for you to go off it in a few months or years time and never wear it again. It is so much better for you to choose something timeless and classic that you know you can wear for decades to come. Of course, you might have some statement pieces, but it would be best to choose statement pieces that are made of sustainable pieces or with local and handmade materials, to reduce your impact as much as possible. Save the pieces that are more demanding on the environment for timeless pieces. Choosing timeless pieces will ensure that they remain your style staples for the rest of your life!

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