How To Recover Deleted Files From A Formatted Pen Drive?

How To Recover Deleted Files From A Formatted Pen Drive?

Accidentally formatting a pen drive before backing up your files can lead to permanent data loss. When the drive is reformatted, the files are not instantly erased but the space they occupy is marked as available to be overwritten.

If you act quickly, data recovery software makes it possible to salvage deleted files from a formatted pen drive. This guide will cover steps to safely recover your lost documents, photos, videos, and other files after a mistaken format of your USB pen drive.

Is It Possible To Recover Files From A Formatted Pen Drive?

Yes, it is often possible to recover files from a formatted pen drive using data recovery software. When a drive is formatted, the file system information is erased but the actual data remains on the disk until overwritten by new content.

By using advanced data recovery tools like Recoverit, one can scan the formatted drive and extract the existing file data from it. Recoverit has a high recovery rate and supports recovery from hard drives, pen drives, SD cards, etc.

One can download and install the software on their system and connect the formatted pen drive to retrieve the lost files. Using a Recoverit coupon code can also help get discounts on software purchases. As long as the deleted files are not overwritten, recovery from a formatted pen drive is achievable.

How Does File Recovery From A Formatted Drive Work?

File recovery tools, such as wondershare filmora 12 coupon code, use clever dark magic just clever programming to scan a formatted drive and extract files whose data signatures still exist intact.

Like a paranormal investigator sweeping a room with an EMF meter, this software combs through a drive in search of detectable file fragments. Once found, the scattered pieces can be reassembled back into their original forms from before the format occurred.

Most file recovery programs, including Wonder Share Filmora 12 coupon code, ignore the drive's file system entirely. This allows them to access raw underlying data regardless of how completely the format erased file system structures. Just beware that each new file written back increases the chance that deleted files get overwritten before recovery.

What Is The Best Data Recovery Software For Formatted USB Drives?

Several powerful and polished software wizards excel at resurrecting files from the grave of a formatted stick. Top choices include:

       EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard: A superbly versatile recovery app with strong USB drive support and an intuitive interface.

       Stellar Data Recovery: Offers deep scanning and stellar recovery rates for photos, videos, documents, and more.

       Disk Drill: Scans at the byte level with protection against overwriting deleted files during recovery.

       Recuva: A compact freeware option, great for quick photo, video, and document recovery jobs.

       R-Studio: Provides advanced capabilities like deleted file recovery from partitions lost due to formatting.

The right pick depends on your use case. But all these give you solid odds of reviving those important deleted items from your exorcised USB drive.

Can You Recover Photos From A Formatted Pen Drive?

Fortunately, photos tend to be highly recoverable even post-format as their complex data signatures are hard to fully overwrite.

As long as your ritualistic drive chanting hasn't summoned any new file demons to occupy the same spaces, photo recovery software has strong odds of resurrecting jpegs, PNGs, gifs, and other lost imagery from a formatted USB stick.

Most standard data recovery apps boast excellent photo recovery chops. For more tailored photo-rescue, tools like Stellar Phoenix JPEG Repair excel at reconstructing corrupt images.

So fear not - with the right tools, there's an Afterlight at the end of the tunnel for resurrecting cherished memories believed erased.

Is It Better To Recover Files Before Or After Reformatting A Pen Drive?

Before! Always, always attempt recovery before reformatting if possible.

Once reformatted, each new file written creates uncertainty about whether old deleted files still reside intact in the same spots. It introduces the risk that recovery scanning could be detecting phantom echoes of long overwritten data.

Recovering deleted files before reformatting ensures they haven't yet been tampered with or destroyed. It avoids degradation and maximizes the chances of completely intact file resurrection.

So if you accidentally deleted a file but haven't yet formatted it, halt any usage of the drive and begin recovery immediately. You don't want new data collateral damaging your file exorcism efforts!

Does Reformatting A USB Drive Help Fix Corruption Issues?

Sometimes, When a USB stick starts acting possessed - slow, buggy, with errors - a fresh format can help banish the gremlins.

By erasing and recreating the file system, reformatting may clear up any metadata corruption or structural oddities plaguing the drive. It wipes the slate clean.

However, this comes at the ultimate cost - total loss of all data in one fell swoop! So reformatting is a last resort if all else fails.

Try less extreme measures first, like using the native OS tools to check and fix errors. Also, scan for malware just in case some USB-spreading demon is causing the issues.

If all else fails, exorcise the stick with a final reformat. Just be sure to recover any files you need before banishing them to the great bit bucket in the sky!


Formatting a pen drive accidentally can be devastating if you don't have backups. But with the right data recovery approach, you can successfully salvage your deleted files. The key is to avoid further modifying the formatted drive and use reliable software like Recuva or Testdisk to scan and extract formatted data before it gets overwritten.

Follow proper procedures, act quickly, and don't save anything onto the drive before recovery. With the powerful deep scan algorithms in today's tools, you have an excellent chance of recovering data from even a completely formatted USB pen drive.

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