Tips for How to Keep your Home with Pets Clean

Having a pet is a wonderful thing. It can bring you great joy to have an animal, or animals, in your home. In fact, research shows that households with pets lead happier and healthier lives. But as every pet owner knows, keeping a clean house can be difficult when you have animals. Regular cleaning services may be just what you need to keep your home feeling and looking its best, especially if you have trouble keeping your pets in a clean environment.

Ways to Keep your Home Clean and Safe with Pets

Having pets doesn't mean putting up with their mess and smell. Try these 7 tips for maintaining a clean home even when you have furry companions around.

Upgrade your Sofa

It may be time to replace your current couch if you can't bring yourself to let your dog down on it. The wrong material can attract hair, retain unpleasant odors, and accentuate even the smallest blemishes. When choosing your new couch, look for leather or tightly woven textiles—ideally in a shade that complements your pet's coat. If you can't afford a new couch, consider investing in a washable throw that's pet-friendly.

Keep your pets clean

Instead of just focusing on cleaning your house, keep your pets clean! Your dog will inevitably throw mud all over the house if it looks like he's playing in it. Although it's not a good idea to give your pet too much shampoo, rinsing your house with water every once in a while, will help keep it looking much cleaner. But don't forget to clean your dog's paws after coming in from outside and lock that wet dog in a room! For cleaning up muddy paw prints, your best bet is usually the kitchen or laundry area.

Keep Pets Related Things Also Clean

To maintain a fresh and clean-living area with pets, it is important to clean their toys, bedding, collars, leads and other items regularly, in addition to grooming and cleaning up after them. Over time, these items can collect dirt and dog hair, which can lead to odors and a messy home.

To avoid this, it is very important to clean your pet's equipment regularly. Be sure to wash machine washable items frequently to get rid of any fur or dirt. If an item cannot be machine washed, wash it in the sink and let it air dry outside, preferably in the sun.

Buy the Best Quality Vacuum Cleaner

To eliminate odors and remove pesky hair, choose a vacuum cleaner designed specifically for pets. To remove hair instead of just gliding across the surface, you'll need a very powerful suction, a high-quality filter, and a strong brush stroke. Think about the type of flooring in your home, and if your pets scratch furniture, find an upholstery cleaner that can handle it. To stay on top of things, if you have a shader you will need to vacuum every day. Pet hair odors will enter your vacuum if the filter is clogged with hair and debris, so be sure to clean it regularly as well. Also try to keep carpet stain removers at home, in case you need it while vacuuming.

Have a Roller

No one who doesn't own a pet, in our experience, keeps a lint roller somewhere in their home. Since you already have one, use it on lampshades, toss cushions, and other places where pet hair collects in your cleaning caddy.

Setup a Cleaning Station

After playing in the yard, the last thing you want is for your dog to run in and start a mess storm and cause chaos. So, if you have a laundry room, or even an entryway to your home, it's a good idea to set up a pet washing station there.

Here's a quick checklist of supplies dog owners should have in order to set up a functional cleaning station for their muddy dog.

Hooks: Place hooks next to doors to keep trash bags, leashes, and other walking equipment accessible and organized.

Rugs: Before entering your home, wipe your feet and your pet's dirty paws on the rugs placed at each entrance. If your mat is heavy, cover it with a washable rug or towel to make cleaning easier.

Towel basket: To help your dog dry off quickly after a walk, keep a stylish basket full of towels by the door. Packets of paper towels or claw wipes work well if space is at a premium. washing tub -

Washing Tub: If you want a complete dog grooming station, consider adding a washing tub to your mudroom. Cleaning your pet's fur can be a breeze with a bathing station that has a sprayer and plumbing for a drain, especially after a muddy trip.


Sadly, there is no easy solution to keeping your pet-friendly home fresh and clean. But if you use the above tips on a daily basis, it becomes easier to maintain.

Having pets and a fresh, clean home is possible! Your home will smell amazing and be spotless with just a few essential oils, a few spare minutes, and some sticky rollers! Until the next mess, anyway.

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