Pamela Andersons Bare Face Fashion Week - Why It Was Needed

Pamela Andersons Bare Face Fashion Week - Why It Was Needed

Pamela Andeson has been a force to be reckoned with for the duration of her time in the limelight. After her debut documentary on Netflix “Pamela, a Love Story”, she has been a hot topic for representing women who had been taken advantage of within the media and television space. Now, millions look to her to share her iconic life story, and most importantly her beauty habits.

Showing up to Paris Fashion Week with a stunning, bare face, led many to applaud her whilst also questioning the motives. The truth is, Pamela has always been one of the more ‘laid-back’ celebrities so to speak, staying true to herself and her core beliefs. Let's dive into why exactly Pamela showed up to Paris Fashion Week makeup-free, and why this statement from a prominent celebrity was long overdue.

Why Did She Do It?

Pamela spoke to many media outlets as to her reasoning for showing up bare-faced. In her own words, she said "I didn't come to Paris Fashion Week and think, 'I'm not gonna wear makeup. Something kind of came over me and I was dressing in these beautiful clothes and I thought, 'I don't want to compete with the clothes.' I'm not trying to be the prettiest girl in the room. I'm not into the makeup look right now," 

Pamela, who is 56 years of age, is outspoken about her desire for women in her age range to accept their ageing and love this new version of themselves. She also stated "I feel like it's freedom, it's a relief,", alluding to the fast-paced, high pressure that comes with hiring a full glam team before A-list celebrity events such as fashion week.

Taking Charge of Her Narrative

In recent years, Pamela Anderson has spoken up about her mistreatment and misrepresentation within the industry. Her no-makeup stance is just another way of taking charge of her life, and not letting the perception of the media and expectations of them deter her from what he feels is truly right. 

By not giving into society's expectations of female celebrities, and having a whole glam squad and group of stylists perfecting the look, she has inherently shown her constancy to stay true to herself and showcase her creativity without the influence of others.

A beauty Revolution 

Beauty has become a hub for influence and marketing. Once it was a creative space for people to elevate their look, but now beauty and glam squads have become a somewhat desirable thing to completely change your look and appearance. This expectation is highlighted more for older women, with the expectation to hide their ageing and allude to a younger appearance. Pamela's simple decision to keep it fresh-faced strips back the influence that the beauty industry has over not just celebrities, but regular people who closely watch the routines of their favorite celebrities. An unreachable exception of beauty, Pamela has single-handedly shown the public that even with the pressure of being on world-shown cameras, you can still be confident in your skin without feeling the need to hide any insecurities.

Paving The Way For Ageing Gracefully 

We have all heard the term 'ageing gracefully’, but some celebrities took this to the next level. Not allowing themselves to age, filling their faces with Botox, and falling asleep with makeup on, there is an emerging generation of people who are not able to accept the natural process of ageing. For Pamela, she has showcased her pride in her skin and natural aging. With fine lines and sun spots on show, she still radiates beauty and elegance for all to recognize. 

How You Can Feel Confident in Your Skin 

If Pamela's bare-faced movement has inspired you, here are a few ways to start feeling confident in your skin:

  • Maintain a skincare routine - No matter how old you are, having a daily skincare routine is the key to having that fresh-faced appearance.

  • Wear SPF daily - SPF is crucial for everyday wear. To protect your skin from UV rays, wear moisture every day. 

  • Speak to yourself kindly - If you find yourself criticizing your looks negatively often, you need to change this. Speaking to yourself with kind words in the mirror when you are getting ready in the morning is just one way to do this.

  • Find clothes that make you feel great - You will be surprised just how beneficial a great outfit can make you feel. Whether it's a great pair of jeans or Christmas party dresses, dress yourself in clothes that make you feel your best.

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