Top 10 Android Apps for Productivity

Top 10 Android Apps for Productivity

So, if you are finding it hard to maintain a work-life balance or when you want to do more in less time, productivity apps give you the best solutions.

It’s common for most of us to rely on mobile applications to connect with our loved ones. However, these productivity apps offer more benefits and connect us with our friends and family members. They offer numerous benefits to improve our time management and productivity goals.

These apps help in goal setting, task assignment, and real-time communication. Hundreds of Android productivity apps offer incredible benefits to improve work through information sharing and enhanced collaboration.

Why are Productivity Apps Becoming Popular?

Productivity apps allow businesses, entrepreneurs, or individuals to manage multiple tasks. All these applications streamline our work and track progress for maximum productivity.

When searching for the best Android productivity app from a reliable application development company, check for reviews and feedback. Whether you want apps for managing work, exercise, diet, or any other area; download an app that comes from a trusted source.

Although is no predetermined level of productivity for an individual or a team to be productive, there are some standards that we can follow. Productivity apps allow us to comply with these standards and get the most out of our routine.

Productivity tools are now an indispensable part of our daily life. That’s because our mundane life is becoming more complex over time. The main purpose of these apps is to help us store and manage data in an easy way so we can access information conveniently.

Features to Look for in Productivity Apps

When choosing a productivity app for your Android device, make sure the features are intuitive. For example, choose apps that have intuitive and simple user interfaces. Everything you need should be easily accessible. In addition, today’s most popular productivity apps come with easy customization options. That way, users can customize and adjust an app’s features to their needs.

Benefits of Using Productivity Apps

When utilized properly, your Android can be a precious tool. For a healthy work-life balance, downloading productivity apps to your Android device is crucial. While each productivity app serves a unique function, they contribute significantly to your daily organizing.

But one question often arises: How can you work efficiently when you don’t know where anything is?

If you have too much on your plate, staying productive is a challenge. People love using productivity apps because they keep everything organized in one place. The features that productivity apps offer make it possible to remain on top of all your jobs and to-dos. They look lovely and are easy to use.

Productivity apps support task creation, goal setting, and real-time performance monitoring in professional contexts. You can highlight accomplishments, pinpoint bottlenecks, and offer feedback by tracking progress to increase productivity. Businesses may use productivity apps to ensure resources are used efficiently and identify inefficiencies. They also help automate routine tasks.

Top 10 Android Productivity Apps

If you don't use productivity apps, you may not realize their importance for general efficiency and futuristic growth.

Here are the top ten Android productivity apps which are worth checking out. These apps will help you manage tasks, set goals, and monitor progress for achieving your productivity goals.

1.      Solid Explorer

  • Best for: moving, viewing, deleting, sharing, renaming, and securing files

  • Price: Free trial for 14 days. The paid version costs $5.99

  • Stand-out feature: cloud file hosting support and built-in file archiver

Although the latest Android devices feature a file manager, users quickly discover they need a third-party file manager for efficient essential file management. That’s why our first Android productivity app on our list is Solid Explorer. This app is a fabulous choice since it has everything you need to maintain a record of your files. The app protects your desired files with strong AES encryption.

Users can put the file in a safe folder without access, ensuring complete safety. The app allows access through fingerprint or password confirmation. The files stay protected on your device even if you uninstall the app.

Solid Explorer impresses with its excellent usability and handy features. Users can enjoy a 14-day free trial but must purchase the premium version to continue using it.

2.      Forest

  • Best for: avoiding digital distractions

  • Price: Free / Pro version $1.99

  • Prominent feature: Helps people beat their phone addiction with positive reinforcement

For Android users looking for practical strategies to increase focus and reduce distractions, Forest is a helpful productivity app. This app knows how difficult it is to finish a task with all the distractions. The idea behind Forest is simple but unique: whenever you want to focus, you ‘plant trees.’

The app encourages and recognizes your effort. You can select either the Stopwatch Mode or the Timer Mode, depending on your goals.

The software shows a tree growing as you work on your task. You can eventually grow a virtual forest by concentrating and working for a more extended period. You must finish all your assignments to prevent your trees from wilting and dying.

Forest provides calming background music that plays in the background as you work to improve your concentration. That results in a calm and immersive environment which is highly beneficial for productivity. The app comes with a free and paid version. Forest delivers excellent results because it motivates users to give their best without giving in to distractions.

3.      IFTTT

  • Best for: cutting out on time on manual digital tasks through automation

  • Price: Free. For IFTTT developers, it is $199 per year

  • Prominent feature: combines hundreds of popular services to automate your digital life

One of the most intriguing productivity apps on the market is ‘If This Then That,’ often known as IFTTT. It allows you to automate your life by connecting various apps and services using simple logic and personalized triggers. You don't need to know programming to utilize IFTTT.

Users can conveniently download already-created IFTTT recipes, modified to meet everyday needs.

Over 25 million people already use IFTTT to automate processes, thus saving time and effort. The app's no-code interface lets you easily automate several home and business tasks.

4.      Google Drive

  • Best for maintaining all kinds of files and sharing them with others.

  • Price: Free, In-app purchases

  • Prominent Feature: Since it uses cloud technology, users can access their data anywhere.

You must connect a file to or from your Android smartphone when transferring it to your computer. That is inconvenient and not the most effective way to transmit data between your devices.

The free cloud storage solution integrates well with other Google products. That includes the Android operating system itself. The app offers an affordable online business solution for anyone who understands office productivity applications.

A free Google account comes with 15 GB of Google Drive storage space. You may add more storage space directly from the app. The app lets you edit documents in Google Docs, and you can also sync your data across other devices.

5.      Evernote

  • Best for organizing your ideas and notes more effectively

  • Price: free, paid version is from $10.99/month

  • Prominent feature: users can sync their notes across devices to stay seamlessly updated

This popular Android productivity app serves as a user-friendly note-taking tool. There are tons of functionalities for task management, planning, and archiving. Evernote allows you to compile your ideas in various formats. For example, audio, video, text, and images.

Evernote works with different operating systems. It syncs your notes across all devices including computers and tablets. The free plan includes all basic note-taking features. However, users must switch to the premium version to access collaboration features and other services.

6.      Trello

  • Best for: for managing tasks visually

  • Pricing: Free, Paid plan starts from $5

  • Prominent Feature: The Kanban-style productivity app allows you to organize your life and projects with customizable lists, cards, and boards

The key to productivity is staying organized. While all sizes of businesses appreciate Trello, everyone can benefit from it to streamline their tasks and stay productive. Users can make an infinite number of individual lists, cards, and boards with the free Trello plan. But you can only upload attachments no bigger than 10 MB and create 10 team boards.

Trello is a good option for any individual or organization to manage tasks and minor projects. It's a free and easy way to manage deadlines, set reminders, and organize tasks. Users can utilize Trello to manage both professional and personal projects.

7.      Habitica

  • Best for: Gamifying dull and routine stuff

  • Price: Free

  • Prominent feature: As you level up your avatar, unlock new in-game elements like battle gear, pets, and magical abilities.

This app is a task manager/RPG with the primary goal of helping users develop habits. The app helps users remember to finish their tasks pleasantly. You can make your avatar and earn coins/experience while doing routine activities.

Users can add tasks or habits they want to adopt. For example, checking email daily or walking for an hour in the morning. If you don’t like following to-do lists or checklists, this unique productivity app gives you a new way of doing things.

8.      Canva

  • Best for: creating graphic designs for work or hobbies

  • Price: from free to $119.99/year for one person. Canva for Teams begins at $14.99 per month

  • Stand-out feature: thousands of pre-made templates and design elements to work with

If you want to create unique graphics while on the go, download Canva to your Android device. Canva’s soaring popularity is thanks to its adaptability and simplicity. By allowing users to create appealing designs, social graphics, logos, and even CVs, there is nothing that you can’t do. You don’t even have to switch on your computer. Users don’t have to be tech-savvy or need coding/designing skills to create appealing banners, flyers, or social media posts.

9.      Todoist

  • Best for Time management and task management

  • Pricing: The Pro version costs $5/month if you're an individual and $8/user/month if you're a business

  • Prominent Feature: You can set reminders and assign labels to your tasks for better organization

Without a doubt, Todoist is one of the best list-making apps for excellent time management. Users can start new tasks using gestures and finish them by clicking them off. You can also use the app to prioritize activities and set essential dates to guarantee you never miss a deadline.

The productivity app lets you keep track of all your chores and set personal and professional productivity goals. Teams greatly benefit from Todoist Business since senior managers can assign tasks to coworkers, add details to keep, and specify due dates. But individuals can also benefit from this fantastic app for managing their daily tasks.

10.  Pocket

  • Best for: saving articles, videos, and Tweets to your device for later

  • Price: Free. The paid version is $4.99 a month

  • Stand-out feature: allows you to read easily with customizable fonts

This fantastic app allows you to save content for later use, so you can always get crucial information. Consider keeping essential notes and magazine pages in your pocket to read later.

Pocket also comes with other incredible features like tagging options, highlighting tools, and providing similar reads. If you want to save valuable stuff in just one location until you can focus on it, Pocket is just for you.

Final Thoughts

Don’t download all these apps together. First, figure out the apps which are best for your work-related and personal goals. But the goal of all these productivity apps remains the same. They help streamline your workflow and help you accomplish your goals.

You can immediately take charge of your work routine by downloading these incredible Android productivity applications.

Do you want to become an entrepreneur and develop a productivity app? You could be looking for a customized productivity app for your team. You can contact a professional Android app development company to create a customized and unique app for your work or personal use.

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