How to Rediscover Your Style and Establish Your Clothing Identity

How to Rediscover Your Style and Establish Your Clothing Identity

In a world where style is so highly influenced by the internet, establishing your own style identity can be like finding a needle in a haystack. Let's face it, we have all been influenced in one way or another. Whether it is your favorite celebrity making an admirable fashion statement or perhaps your close community all sticking to one style genre, it is hard to discover your style. But how do you make the change to feel rooted in your own style identity? And how do you stop the habit of following the crowds? In this blog post, we will discuss exactly how you can begin steps towards finding your unique style identity, and rediscover what it means to have a wardrobe filled with clothes that are unapologetically you. Take a look at the following steps:

Know Yourself First

First and foremost, you need to ask yourself what makes you, you! Until you master the art of understanding yourself from deep within, you will never feel at home wearing one type of style. A lot of people struggle to establish their clothing identity due to the more complex issue of having an identity crisis. This is not something to fear, as it simply indicates you have developed into a new person who is not yet sure where to place yourself. Start by writing your name on a sheet of paper, and write down what makes you the person you are at that moment. Forget what you think others might say, and instead look within to gauge an internal reflection. This will give you a better understanding of who you are and what your genuine likes and interests are.

Gather Your Fashion Icons 

I know we said not to be influenced, but let's face it, we all can use a little inspiration now and then! Having a group of fashion icons to gain ideas from should not be the basic celebrity style that everyone wears. Consider looking at celebrities you admire, but have never previously envisioned yourself in their clothing. This stage is all about getting a feel for what you might like, and how you can tailor different styles to your liking. Create a Pinterest board of maximum 4 style icons you admire, and begin to piece together the elements of your look that you love. Do not let any diminishing thoughts tell you that you can not pull off the clothes they are wearing. Looking great in clothing is all about wearing them with conviction, and intent!

Don’t Be Overly Influenced

With this in mind, you should also avoid being overly influenced. Getting inspiration is key, but also putting your twist on each fashion look is important. If you were the type of person to immediately jump onto the latest fashion trends in the past, that is an example of being overtly influenced. Start fresh, and find new style trends that are not worn by the masses, but are carefully curated looks for specific people. You will get much more admiration for setting trends instead of following them.

Review Your Whole Closet 

Next, you need to review your inventory. If you have a grasp of the direction you are heading towards for your looks, check out what you already have. Looking at your existing pieces and feeling like they do not belong to you is the biggest signal that your style has evolved. Keep clothing items that you feel can be kept such as heavyweight hoodies, and layered with the new tone you have set, but avoid holding onto pieces for the sake of it. Sell any of the items that do not fit into your new style, and use the money to invest in the new staple pieces!

Make The Most Of Pinterest 

Pinterest will be your best friend when you are rediscovering your style identity. Once you find the pages and accounts that you love, everything will slowly piece together and your feed will be filled with new and unique style choices each day. As mentioned, do not be too heavily influenced by what others are wearing. Use this as a tool when you are first ironing things out and getting a better understanding as to what will complete your new personable wardrobe.

Spend A Day Window Shopping/ Trying On Clothes

Additionally, you will never really know whether something is right for you unless you try it on for size! Spending some time window shopping and trying new fashion pieces is a great way to get a feel for what is right or not right for you. The internet can be deceiving, so if you are solely basing your new style choices on online media, you might feel more disappointed when it comes to owning the clothes. Spend a day focused on trying on new clothing styles you have decided for yourself and see which ones make you feel you. Feeling confident and a true reflection of yourself is a sign that you have a perfect outfit match!

Avoid Fast Fashion 

Whether you value the importance of sustainability or not, you should try to avoid fast fashion when creating a new style identity. As much as fast fashion may come cost-effective, it is also liable to break sooner and also look visibly cheap. To truly admire clothing and feel great about yourself, it would be best to spend a little extra to have quality items that will stay with you for a lifetime. That might be as simple as a new investment, or statement items, or you might research the best quality retailer of the item of your choice to make sure you're getting the best products possible.

Wear What Makes You Feel Your Best!

When you are first venturing out of the norm with your style, it can feel uncomfortable. So uncomfortable in fact, you will feel like others are judging you for not following the many trends. All in all, it is not about what makes other people admire you, but instead what makes you feel your best. Projecting confidence in what you wear is more than an expensive designer jacket, it's something that money simply can not buy. Avoid feeling influenced by the judgment of others when wearing your new style. Rember, having your own style identity means that it is tailored to you, and not for the approval of others.

Bottom line

Overall, rediscovering your style identity is a task that is easier said than done, but with the right choices and effort, you will surely find clothing that reflects your true identity of yourself. Invest time first discovering what makes you unique, and then embed that into the style you will slowly build and improve on. Avoid the inference of your peers, but take inspiration from your most admired style icons in your looks. Stay true to yourself and you will create the wardrobe of your dreams!

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