The Biggest Dos and Don'ts of Air Travel

The Biggest Dos and Don'ts of Air Travel

The modern and vibrant lifestyle most of us strive for is almost unimaginable without air travel. This super-fast mode of transport has changed our lives forever by enabling traveling globally to the most remote locations. Because of that, among other things, it is entertaining to be alive in this period of human history. But as you know, this way of traveling has its set of rules you must be familiar with to avoid unnecessary discomforts. Here are the biggest Dos and Don’ts of air travel you must know about to ensure a pleasant and stress-free trip on a plane.

Do Pay Attention to Your Luggage Weight and Size

You must remember one thing about air travel – not paying attention to the airline rules can cause you to waste money. One of those rules that you must never let slip your mind is the one that has to do with the weight and size of your luggage. Every airline has a policy about the dimensions of your carry-on and other luggage, which, if not obeyed, gets you to earn an extra charge. A tiny number of people can afford not to mind their finances when they are traveling. Therefore, unless you’re one of them, don’t let this luggage issue decrease your travel budget.

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Don't Take With You Some of the Forbidden Items – It’s the Biggest of All Dos and Don’ts of Air Travel

Most people immediately think of guns or drugs when talking about forbidden items. But the truth is, there are a lot of other items you can’t bring, especially on international flights. Some of them are ordinary, yet, they are off-limits on a plane. Check out your airline’s forbidden items list so you don’t have to throw away something you hold dear. 

Do Get Information About Travel Restrictions

Whether we like it or not, COVID has transformed the way we live and, unfortunately, the way we travel. It has become customary for one country to have a free entry policy this month and a mandatory quarantine and many other restrictions the next. Until this is so, always check if there are some travel restrictions where you’re going. Otherwise, you might have a ruined vacation and a bitter disappointment.

Don't Let the Fear of Flying Overwhelm You

Yes, there’s a chance of getting killed on the plane due to a plane crash, but car rides are statistically far deadlier. You can’t live a life in fear of what might happen. That will prevent you from enjoying your holiday and ultimately your life. Taking crazy risks is not what we are suggesting here. But letting fear overwhelm you without strong evidence justifies it as a waste of energy. Don’t allow tragic scenarios to invade your thoughts and spoil your trip. Think positively, and you’ll have an excellent flight and an even better vacation.

Don't Wear Uncomfortable Clothes

Unless you are taking a private jet to a party, there’s no need to hit the airport in high-heeled stilettos. No matter how glamorous a plane ride may sound, it is still just a mode of transport and not particularly comfortable. First class is another matter, but even there, you wish you had a tracksuit instead of an elegant dress that makes you look gorgeous but feel the opposite of comfortable. You can look classy wearing less fabulous clothes, so at least for the ride, choose comfort over fashion.

Do Follow Instructions of the Crew

When all the passengers take their seats on the plane, the flight crew will demonstrate their usual safety instructions. Pay attention to those. You might need some of it, God forbid. These are intended to save your life and prevent injuries, so do not take them lightly. Besides, knowing what to do in an emergency will help you feel more in control and calmer. People in panic make deadly mistakes, so you mustn’t let it come to that at all costs.

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Don't Get Drunk on the Plane

Many airlines offer an excellent selection of alcoholic beverages to help relax the passengers and make their flights more enjoyable. It is OK to put your guard down a bit and indulge in a bit of booze-induced cheerfulness. But getting drunk on a plane is not a good idea. First of all, you may start feeling sick. Turbulence and upset stomach due to too much alcohol are a terrible mix. Getting drunk generally is a no-no if you want to adhere to healthy lifestyle standards. But on the plane, it can make you look like a fool, much more likely since not many people will be in the same state. After all, you don’t want to start your vacation with a hangover, do you?

A man drinking alcohol on a plane and potentially getting drunk is one of the biggest Dos and Don’ts of air travel

Do Have in Mind You Are Not the Only One on the Flight

Finally, don’t forget your manners on the plane or anywhere else. You will spend time very close to other people during your air travel, so respect their personal space. Don’t fall asleep on someone’s shoulder, as that makes the other person uncomfortable on many levels. The armrests are to be shared, so don’t act like they are there for your arm only. Don’t knock continuously on the door. If something keeps that person in there for long, your knocking will only make them feel terrible. Being a gentleman or a lady will never go out of style, don’t forget that.

Bottom Line

After analyzing these biggest Dos and Don’ts of air travel, one can only conclude that acting by airline rules is essential. By being well-informed, you will avoid inconveniences that are both irritating and costly. And, of course, not forgetting about one’s manners is essential too. Using the most modern means of transportation and acting as a neanderthal is contradictory and pointless. Just don’t be rude, don’t break the rules, and don’t forget to enjoy your travel as much as you possibly can.

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