Worried About Your Cat’s Looks? Get Mobile Cat Grooming In Dubai Today!

Mobile Cat Grooming

Being a pet parent is not an easy task. You have to stay vigilant and focused on the health and grooming of your pet. As your baby cannot communicate with you, it is your responsibility to look after their needs. Whether you have a furry cat or a naughty pup, grooming is very essential for them. If you are looking for mobile cat grooming in Dubai, this article can help you find the best one. 

Many pet clinics and vet setups are offering their best services for cat grooming. but not everyone can visit them more often. Many people, due to their hectic routines, want mobile pet groomers, who can come to their place and provide their services. 

Why Are Mobile Pet Groomers Important?

Mobile pet groomers help you save time. They come to your place and reduce the burden of travel. It is not easy to pack your pet and take it to the grooming clinic. So to get rid of all this hustle, pet groomers in Dubai are giving their best services. 

What Are The Services Included in Mobile Cat Grooming

The cats are clean animals compared to other animals. They often lick their bodies to clean and do not create mess especially when living as a pet. But like all animals, they need grooming and cleaning rituals. Here are some of the services that are included in mobile cat grooming; 

Hair Cutting: 

The fur of some long-haired breeds, overweight cats, or senior cats may become matted or tangled. Those tangles may not be brushable and must be cut out. 

Being a cat mom, you also want to show your sense of style in the way your pet looks. So, you can go for an appealing hairstyle, such as the "lion cut" or other styles popular among owners of long-haired cats. 

Claw Trimming:

Cat claw trimming is difficult. To avoid stressing the cat, it is often a two or three-person job. 

If you are doing it yourself, it is crucial to understand that there is a "quick" that delivers blood to the nail. The quick naturally recede if you trim the nails more often. The quick occupies a large portion of the cat's nail, so the longer the nail, the longer the quick.

But professionals like cat groomers know their jobs. They will get the claws to the desired length after several trims. There are twenty nails to trim. It is common for one or two of the nails to bleed slightly. To make the job easier, cat groomers use specialized cat nail clippers.


Surprisingly, cats' reactions to baths vary greatly. Some cats require a light water bath, whereas others can become quite stressed when they are near water. The experts recommend bathing when the coat is extremely matted; otherwise, brushing is sufficient.


Usually, your cats only need brushing to untangle their matted hair. Groomers brush and set your cat's hair after it has been bathed and dried. 

Ear Cleaning: 

The ears are a sensitive part of cats. They need regular cleaning to avoid any type of infection. Cat groomers have kits to clean your pet's ears. Cat ear cleaners are also available on the market. The vets use these products with the help of cotton balls to clean the cats' ears.  

Parasite Checking and Treatment: 

Parasites like fleas, ticks, etc. are very common in a cat’s fur. If you want to avoid them, regular checking is important for early detection. If your cat has parasites on its body, cat groomers provide specific treatment according to the type of parasite. 

How Often Does A Cat Need Grooming? 

Some cats can go their entire lives without getting a mat or developing a greasy or dandruff-filled coat. Other cats get matted more often. while environment, nutrition, and genetics all play a role in grooming frequency. It also depends on how you treat your pet. If you cuddle more or let your cat roam around your home, your cat needs more grooming. If your pet stays in its own comfy and clean bed most of the time, its body will remain cleaner.

How To Maintain Your Cat’s Grooming At Home? 

After getting the services of mobile cat groomers, you also need to maintain the cleanliness of your baby. Here are some of the tips that can help you in this regard; 

  • Brush your cat’s hair once a day to remove any matted knots and dirt. 

  • Give your cat a bath with good cat-specific shampoo once a week. 

  • Trim your cat’s nails every 2 weeks with a professional clipper. 

  • Brush your cat’s teeth to remove any remaining food particles in the mouth. 

  • Clean the ears of your cat with cotton balls after giving the bath. 

Cleanliness is the key factor behind health. If you help your cat stay well-groomed, you are doing something for its health as well. If you do not maintain the cleanliness of your pet, it will end up with numerous infections. And the health problems not only hit your pet; rather, they also affect you and your family. Ear infections, parasite growth, skin infections, problems due to long claws, etc, are very common problems in pet cats. It is advisable to get your cat groomed whenever you think your pet is in need. 


Your pet is like your baby. It needs care and love. Cat grooming is very important to maintain your pet’s health. You can get mobile cat grooming services at your home. You save time and effort traveling. Pet groomers provide different services like bathing, brushing, ear cleaning, parasite checking, claw-trimming, etc. 

Precious Paws provides a wide range of services for pet parents. You can consult them for mobile cat grooming in Dubai. Their professional cat groomers can come to your place and groom your pet right before your eyes.

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