Which Is Better For You Georgette Or Chiffon

Which Is Better For You Georgette Or Chiffon

We all love georgette and chiffon outfits as they are lightweight and sheer in texture but the confusion is also at its peak when it comes to choosing between the two fabrics. With each passing day, innovations are on a rise in the textile industry. So many types of different and unique fabrics are produced giving birth to more and more doubts. Before choosing which one is better for you, one should know some facts about both fabrics as there are certain similarities which make them loved by everyone and dissimilarities which will make you distinguish between the two.


The history of this fabric can be traced back to colonial times. The fabric was originally made with silk but with Industrial expansion, the production of chiffon was done using textiles also. The non-silk chiffon was made available in 1938 for a layman. From then, once known as the fabric of Royals became the hot favorite of everyone as it became much cheaper than silk chiffon. It doesn't matter which category it is, there are some properties you will find in all types of chiffon fabric.

        It is a sheer fabric. Whenever you put it under the sky, you will feel it is more like a fine-quality net.

        It is a lightweight fabric that clings to your body very easily. No matter what the type of garment, you can easily drape the fabric.

        It is a skin-friendly fabric that has a delicate and feathery touch.

        Also, the outfits made with chiffon look elegant and graceful.

        The breathability makes it an all-weather fabric with room for ventilation.

        The semi-transparent fabric serves the purpose of charming overlays.

        The price of the fabric depends on the factor from which fabric it is made. If it is made using silk, then it will be expensive as compared to when it is made with cotton or any other synthetic fabric.

With advancements in textile design, there are so many different types of chiffon fabrics available. These can be differentiated on account of organic or synthetic fibers and also some of the properties differ like the technique of weaving. Some of the prominent types of chiffon which are readily available in every Indian Fabric store are:

Popular types of Chiffon fabric

        Silk crepe

        Jacquard chiffon

        Silk satin chiffon


        Chiffon with coating

        Pearl Chiffon

        Lurex chiffon



Georgette fabric is made out of plain and strong fabric. It has tear-resistant and lightweight properties. Clothes made from georgette have a semi-sheer and gritty look with a flowy look. It is believed that chiffon is the source of inspiration behind the georgette fabric. Georgette is long-lasting and has been strong.

Properties of Georgette Fabric

        Silk georgette is lightweight and sheer and has a dull and matte finish.

        Crepe georgette is made from twisting yarns which have a crinkle effect on the surface.

        Silk georgette is very similar to silk chiffon which is a kind of crepe fabric but georgette is not as sheer as compared to chiffon because of tight weaves.

        Georgette fabrics are sometimes sold in different solid colors but georgette can be printed and boasts colorful floral prints.

The Difference Between Chiffon and Georgette

Fiber Content

Georgette is made of polyester and cotton. There are several different types of georgette fabric made with different blends of natural and synthetic fibers. Whereas the chiffon fabric is made out of silk or synthetic fabric only. Chiffon can be made from organic fabrics but georgette is made from synthetic or unnatural variations.

Weaving Finish

Georgette fabric is made of twisted threads and gives an abrasive texture when touched. Chiffon's puckered texture is caused by the twists in the crepe yarns which give fabric elasticity and abrasive texture.


Georgette cloth is a lightweight fabric with a semi-transparent look and grainy texture. Chiffon is lightweight, simple, and flowing fabric available in the market. It is also sometimes found to be sheer. The material used in the mix can make it transparent or translucent with a balanced shininess or sheerness.

Drape and Usage

Georgette is duller than chiffon. The ends of the chiffon can be softer and more fragile. Chiffon drapes are better than georgette in layers and volume because of their superior sheerness. Whereas the georgette is thicker and sturdier making it perfect for the blouse due to its support.


Chiffon is incredibly fluid and lightweight which does not stick to the body and is found ideal for empire waist dresses. Compared to Chiffon, Georgette has a wider ply and bulkier fabric than Chiffon and is sheerer as compared to silk. It somehow reduces the drape but slightly increases the body. Now, you can choose them according to your preferences and budget. 

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