7 Steps To Achieve A Dreamy Bathroom

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A bathroom’s functionality begins with its design. Various aspects of a bathroom contribute to its usefulness and visual impact. A lot of careful planning and attention to the finer details should go into its design. Designing custom bathroom worktops in Essex is a great way to level up your bathroom design. The benefit you get when you design your bathroom cabinets are undeniable. On the other hand, a lot of it lies in the planning. If you have a lot of ideas that you don’t know how to sort - it is essentially useless. So here is a step-by-step guide to designing your bathroom. Follow this sequence for a smooth and easy bathroom installation.

First And Foremost - The Layout

The layout of the bathroom determines the space available for everything else. Moreover, it will give you a clearer idea of what options you have available to you. When you choose the layout before all else, everything you need will have a space in the bathroom. On the flip side, you will end up changing the layout multiple times if you don't settle it first. 

How to set the bathroom layout:

  • Start with the measurement. Measure every wall and every available space to preciseness. 

  • Make a layout that outlines the airflow, bathroom entrance, and windows - if any. 

  • Use this guide to determine the best place for everything. 

  • Try and ensure that the design does not disrupt the airflow. While you can always get an exhaust fan, it is not the same as the natural flow of air. Moreover, your walls will be blemish free and smooth without an exhaust fan. 

  • Consider functionality(accessibility for use) and accessibility( for cleaning) when you design the bathroom. While the design is important, accessibility determines the ease of use and maintenance in the future. 

A Matter Of Titanic Importance - The Sink

This can be decided before or after designing your vanity. Bathroom sinks come in many shapes and sizes. In the modern bathroom, we often see sinks incorporated into cabinets. Pedestal basins are hard to spot today. So it is understandable if you prefer to have it hidden away as well. On the other hand, many modern pedestal sink designs blend perfectly well with bathroom cabinets. In addition to this, you can design Custom Bathroom Worktops that is perfectly suitable with your pedestal sinks. 

Furthermore, you also have the option of floating sinks. These hide away the plumbing behind and fit the basin to the wall. This leaves the floor clear and perhaps even easier to clean. On the other hand, cabinets may not go well with this look. Instead, of stacked metal or wood shelving, wall-mounted tall shelves may go with this look. 

Then Come The Cabinets

The next step is to plan the cabinets. this is one of the most important decisions you will make for your bathroom.

  • The cabinets play a huge role in how you store items in the bathroom. Cleaning products such as bleach, chemicals, cleaning clothes, etc are stored in the bathroom. You may need additional space to store backup shampoos, conditioners, body wash, loofah, exfoliating gloves, etc. You should have this in mind when you plan your bathroom cabinetry. 

  • If you, like many others, prefer the bathroom spotlight for your makeup - then you add that to the list. Make sure to leave enough space for your makeup products. 

If you’re fitting the large master Bathroom With Custom Cabinetry, then you may be considering L-shaped cabinets. One thing to remember is, beyond all of its benefits - the corner is wasted. Instead, you can have it fitted with a full-size mirror. This is especially useful if a vanity in the bathroom is important to you. This additional mirror can help you step up your game. 

Next, Choose Your Countertop

Choosing the bathroom countertop is just as important as choosing the kitchen countertop, if not more. Although the bathroom counter does not have as much use as the kitchen counter. Still, it is more exposed to moisture, compared to kitchen counters. Moreover, we often use harsh chemicals to clean areas of the bathroom. This should be first and foremost in mind when choosing a countertop. 

Granite, marble, and quartz are some of the most reliable and gorgeous options. Other than this, one can go for a rustic wooden counter, concrete, stainless steel, and any number of other materials. Whatever may be the choice, it is important to note its durability. 

How Many - Sinks

Many people today, opt for two basins in their bathrooms - especially the master bathroom. So you should consider how many you prefer. If you go for a single basic, you have more counter space available to you. On the other hand, if you prefer two, you must have your reasons. So, there's that.

All About The Lights

Lighting is one of the most important fixtures in the bathroom. You may prefer dark aesthetics for any other room, but you need good lighting in the bathroom. It is not only about the makeup either. General grooming, personal grooming, first aid, etc require good lighting to ensure a safe process. Spotlights on top of the mirror are a great around. A well-lit bathroom is something else altogether. 

It’s All In The Decor

The decor is the final touch to complete your custom bathroom worktops in Essex. Whether you choose a gold ornate mirror, plain frameless mirror, or wall-to-ceiling mirror - it is all decor. These are the final touches that complete a bathroom. Make sure that your choice of mirror will blend in with the theme you have chosen. Furthermore, you can add your personal touch by adding plants to the bathroom.


A floating shelf above the mirror with plenty of little potted plants will add character to the bathroom. You also have the additional benefit of a clean and odorless bathroom. Without a doubt, the benefits of using plants as decor are more than meets the eye. It is a stress-buster and cleans the air around us. 

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