Your Guide To Buying A New AC Unit Online: How To Get The Best Deal and Avoid Common Pitfalls

Your Guide To Buying A New AC Unit Online: How To Get The Best Deal and Avoid Common Pitfalls

If you're in the market for an AC unit and want to get it fast, buying it online might be the right option. But some pitfalls can result in you getting ripped off or paying too much. So, this guide is here to help you avoid these pitfalls and get the best deal possible when buying new AC online.

Step 1 - Understand What Matters

Many factors make an air conditioning unit more expensive, but some of the most significant are efficiency, duct size, BTU ratings, and warranty length.

      Efficiency refers to how much power your unit needs to produce a certain amount of cooling. The higher the efficiency rating of your air conditioner, the less it will cost you over time to run your AC.

      Duct size is how much cool air can be distributed throughout your home. If you have big ducts with lots of insulation, it will take less energy for your unit to cool down those areas.

      A BTU rating measures how powerful an air conditioning unit produces heat loss.

      The warranty is a guarantee issued by the manufacturer, promising to fix or replace the unit within a certain period should any problems arise.

Step 2 - Search For Options

It's important to research your options thoroughly before making a purchase decision. Many types of AC units can be purchased online. The most popular options are the ducted air conditioning unit, split system air conditioning, and multi-split air conditioning.

If you're unsure what you need, consult an HVAC professional or refer to our helpful guide on choosing the right air conditioner for your needs.

Step 3 - Decide on Size and Efficiency

If you want an air conditioner that will cool your entire home, you need to buy one larger than what you would need for just one room. The BTU (British Thermal Units) or SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) rating tells you how well it will perform. Higher numbers are better.

Step 4 - Decide Where To Buy

There are many places to buy an air conditioning unit online. If you're buying from a local retailer, you can avoid shipping costs, but in most cases, you will pay more for installation than if you buy your unit online.

There are also several websites where you can find great deals on air conditioners that ship directly to your homes, such as Amazon. However, make sure not to purchase an older model of an air conditioner because they might not be energy efficient enough for today's standards.

Remember that the size of your home will determine how big an air conditioning unit is needed and what kind of fuel type it should use - like gas or electric - so consider these factors when choosing a website to purchase from.

Step 5 - Consider Installation Costs

One of the most overlooked aspects of buying an AC unit is installation.

If you are installing your own unit, be sure you have all of the necessary parts on hand and that you know how to do it. The last thing you want is to install an AC unit only to find out that some extra steps or parts need to be purchased.

When purchasing an online deal, ask about installation costs before placing your order so you can plan accordingly.

Step 6 - Compare Brands, Warranties, Return Policies, Customer Service & Ratings

It is important to compare not only prices but also customer reviews. These are usually available on the company's website or third-party review sites.

Review what others have said about customer service, warranties, return policies, etc. The more reviews you access, the better you can gauge if this is a reputable company with great products.

Step 7 - Make The Final Decision & Place Your Order!

Now that you have a better idea of what type of unit you need and the size, it's time to make your final decision. Find out any additional costs associated with installation by contacting the company you are purchasing from. If additional costs exist, determine if they are worth it for your situation.

After weighing all these factors, decide what size unit you want to purchase!

Since this is an online purchase, ensure you can fit the unit in your space before ordering! Once you get your new air conditioner installed, it is best to have professionals come out for maintenance on your new unit every year.

Final Thoughts

Unless you know exactly what to look for and avoid, you could make an expensive mistake when installing your new AC unit. The good news is that by carefully reading this article on buying a new air conditioner online, you can be well on making an informed decision and getting your money's worth out of this important investment in your home.

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