Easy Ways To Learn French Language Fast

Easy Ways To Learn French Language Fast

Are you deciding to learn French, which could change your life?

If this is your first foreign language, you've probably heard that the first language is always the most difficult and that each following language gets easier.

Is this because your brain somehow improves at remembering words like a muscle that gets stronger with usage?  The proper explanation, in my opinion, is that seasoned language learners gain a more excellent grasp of which tactics are effective and which ones are not. This enables them to concentrate on effective ones while avoiding ineffective ones.

This page will share ten tried-and-tested techniques to help you learn the French language as your first foreign language and wonder how to master it more quickly. Well, the first thing you need to do is to enroll in French language courses at an institution.

Easy Way To Learn French Language Fast

1.    Practice French Every Day

The most crucial thing one should do to learn a language is to practice it daily. It is much more beneficial to study for 15-20 minutes every day rather than four hours once a week.

Even tricky languages like Chinese, Vietnamese, or Arabic become simple if you study every day. However, if you just practice once a week, even something as easy as French becomes nearly impossible, as the inconsistent villain reveals.

Whatever you want to do while studying is OK if you get something done. However, if you set out a half-hour study session daily and stick to it, you will see significant growth in your learning journey.

2.   First, Master Basic French Pronunciation

The French alphabet shares letters with the English alphabet, and more than 28 percent of English words have French roots. It ranks among the easiest languages for English speakers to learn. However, this language has one exception, and some French letters have accents.

Some English letters are pronounced differently. Therefore the learner must focus on the sounds rather than the French letters.

You will learn 16 vowels and 23 consonant sounds in French grammar. As an English speaker, you must be well acquainted with 20 consonants and six vowels. You now have to good understanding of three new consonants and ten new vowels.

3.   Watch Good French Movies and Television Shows.

The best and most potent technique to learn a new language is through movies. French movies are exciting and pleasurable to watch. Moreover, while watching their films, you will discover the culture, history, and language patterns. Another benefit of watching the French movie is that it stimulates your brain to adopt the French language.

First, you should start watching movies with French subtitles. After a few months, consider watching movies without subtitles to aid you in developing your listening and understanding skills in your French language. Additionally, whenever you feel like pausing and making notes. Repeat the new words while you practice. Make a collection of good Frech movies that can help you to grow.

4.   French Words and Phrases Will Help You Expand Your Vocabulary.

When studying French, Comprehending essential words, expressions, and numbers is one of the most crucial skills the learner should develop. Beginners typically start learning basic phrases to help converse while meeting French people, asking simple inquiries, and introducing themselves in French. Moreover, flashcards are a fantastic way to help you recollect the French words and phrases that you have already grasped.

5.   Practice Speaking French To Yourself

The concept that practicing conversation with native speakers is the only effective method to enhance your french speaking skill is totally wrong.

The most important thing is to practice speaking French regularly, even if you make mistakes or no one is there to correct them. Overall you will get great confidence if you practice speaking French daily.

Moreover, you can practice French with your batch mates. Even though you make mistakes, do not stop practicing them. You don't need to speak flawlessly; focusing on how to create sentences and apply them in your sentences is the crucial step in the learning process.

But even without a friend, you can still practice while talking to yourself. It may sound strange, but undoubtedly it is an effective way. Practice daily for at least 15 to 20 minutes, and witness the progress in your language.

6.   Language Exchange App

Language exchange applications are fantastic apps that are recently shining and gaining popularity; Tandem and HelloTalk are two of the best.

Thanks to them, you can find native French speakers who want to practice another language like you. All you need to do is install a language exchange using these applications so that you can both practice and learn new languages.

You can start a conversation by texting or leaving voicemails. But if you're ready to explore more, you can use the app to make phone calls or video conversations.

7.   Prepare A List Of Basic Verbs, Noun

Start with the fundamental words while expanding your vocabulary in French. Learning them will allow you to converse about people, places, and things in your context. Since we can not construct a sentence without grammar structure, learning common French verb conjugations is an excellent place to start.

Another strategy is to organize various word types by topic and make specific lists. In this technique, you will master one subject and word type at a time, a fully proven way of learning new words. You could start by studying pronouns, for instance:

je — I

tu  — you (informal)

il — he

elle — she

on  — we (casual)

nous — we

vous — you plural/formal form

ils — they (masc.)

elles — they (fem.)

Learn French numbers as well. If you plan to visit France, you will require them during transportation, money exchange, and shopping. Learning basic French verbs, nouns, and numerals is crucial as soon as possible.

8.  Enroll In A Well-Versed Course

An intense French training program can be an excellent method to learn French properly and effectively. You can take offline or online French courses from a reputed institution. Once the course is completed, do not give up on your efforts. Keep revising daily to ensure you don't forget what you've learned. If you don't practice the vocabulary and grammatical rules, it's self-evident you will forget them, resulting in the inconsistency of the language.

9.   Speak In Full Sentences

Make sure you always use complete sentences when speaking French, whether in front of a mirror or with native speakers. Sometimes native speakers may talk with a single syllable. However, you need to practice because you need to learn it properly.

Don't be afraid; prepare to talk in whole phrases whenever you speak French. You won't gain anything until you make an effort and dedication. So start practicing with full sentences.

A Quick Footnote

Although learning a language on your own is challenging, using the proven methods provided here will get you an excellent start. Finding a reputed institution as soon as possible guides you to master the language efficiently, and, most notably, the aspirants must speak French frequently.

The candidate must practice reading, listening, speaking, and writing in French daily to learn the language fast. Additionally, it's a suggestion to make a note of summaries of the content you know in a week. Therefore, it will help you retain the points in your memory and motivate you as you track your development.

Henry Harvin is one of the top institutions for French language course programs. What for you are waiting? Enroll today and begin your journey to learn this beautiful language. VoilĂ !


Ques1. Is it simple to learn French?

Ans: Although learning French is simple, it takes time and effort. We must accept the fact of the Foreign Language Institute that French is among the sweetest and easiest languages to learn. The English speaker will find it more accessible because the French language vocabulary is relatable to English. It certainly helps to have such a common vocabulary!

Ques2. Am I able to learn French in five months?

Ans: And therein lays the real solution to your question: Yes, you can acquire a high level of French in six months (if you can devote at least 30 hours a week to studying the language), but you won't be able to speak it fluently. You might never speak French fluently at the native level, and that's okay.

Ques3. Where can I learn the French language in India?

The best French institution in India are:

  1. Henry Harvin Language Academy, the most reputable international Edu-tech brand in India, offers the best French language courses nationwide.
  1. Alliance Francaise: This is another well-known location for French instruction.

Ques4. Does the institution offer certificates?

Ans: Yes, every language institution in India offers a certificate after completing the French course.

Ques5. Are there any job opportunities for French translators?

Ans: Learning French could be helpful for professionals who want to travel or work in an academic context. This is due to the fact that more and more students are choosing to study at French universities, which is driving up the demand for French translators.

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