A Summary Of The Best Kitchen Worktops For You

Granite Worktops

The kitchen remains a favourite spot in the home for many people. With social media bombarding us with different cuisines, various food, methods of cooking, and food hacks, more people are interested in cooking and the kitchen itself. Back then, kitchens served a singular purpose - cooking and cooking only. This is not the same today. Today a kitchen becomes the canvas for an artist, be it a well-trained chef or a budding home cook.

Moreover, with dining rooms being incorporated into the kitchen, more people have stopped seeing the kitchen as a room to be hidden away at the back end of the house. Whether you have an open kitchen plan, a dining area incorporated, an adjoining dining room, or simply a kitchen, you will benefit from creating a beautiful kitchen. Aesthetics may seem like a vain concept at first glance, but this is false.

Many recent studies show the importance of having clean and well-put-together surroundings. The space we have allocated for our daily activities and chores plays a key role in our mental health and mood. Moreover, cleanliness, tidiness, and the choice of decor and colours are also equally important. We may not realize it, but darker colours around us can dull our mood and pull us into a sense of dread. On the other hand, lighter colours can be relieving and lull us into a state of calm.

While it is true enough that the home is where its heart is, we can make our homes such a place for us. Making a true home goes much deeper than that. Security and privacy are highly important, add your personal touch to your home without fear and there you will find your heart. A kitchen is much the same! We often leave it as clean and clear as possible, but it can always do better with a little personal touch.

All of that comes later though, the first step is the design your kitchen, and choose your preferred cabinetry and worktops. Worktops are where most homeowners get stuck. Choosing a worktop is complicated and requires careful consideration. Moreover, there are plenty of options out there that simply add to the confusion. So here are two of the top worktops available today for you to choose from. Below is a description of the material and how they get made into the kitchen worktop you find in your home.

Granite Worktops - The Rich History, Present & Future

There is surely no one who hasn't yet heard of granite. It was very common and well-known before it ever became a worktop. Granite has its humble origins in the ancient history of mankind. It has been quarried and traded as far back as can be traced.

In its early stages, and even until today, it has been used extensively in the construction field. As it is a strong and tough stone, it makes for good structural material. As such, it has been used and used even today for structural purposes.

Granite is used around the world as floor and wall tiles too. It is highly durable and will last longer than many lifetimes. It can be found today in grand palaces, luxury hotels, and other areas. It is used in homes around the world as tiles for walls and floors too. These granite slabs can be cut into large pieces, which makes them useful for walls.

Other than this, many cultures use this stone to carve beautiful household articles that are highly useful and can also be used for decorative purposes. Vases, statues, and other carvings are hugely popular.

Granite entry into the kitchen as a worktop began in the past century, give or take a few years. Originally seen as a luxury fighting not meant to be used, its durability made it more common in households. Today many houses boast Granite Worktops In Welwyn Garden City and around the world.

It is a highly durable material, tough. It does not scratch, stain, or breaks all that easily. The maintenance for this worktop is very simple, adding to its positives. It is always best to seal it once or twice a year to keep away stains and reduce its porosity.

Quartz Worktops- A Jewel In The Kitchen

Quartz is no less than granite. It is a crystal rather than a stone and has been around for probably longer than granite itself. Although it has been around for a long time, it was not used in the same manner as granite. It was rather considered a jewel and was used for such a purpose.

It remained a popular gem for many centuries. Classic amethyst jewellery from the past is popular and highly valued today. Amethyst is not the only quartz to be used as jewellery, opal and other colours and types of quartz are equally popular.

The making of Quartz Worktops In Welwyn Garden City is not quite the same as the making of granite. Quartz crystals are much smaller in size compared to granite and as such, cannot be directly used as a worktop. Albeit it is a natural stone, it is still engineered before it can be used as a worktop.

The process is relatively simple and involves cooking the slabs in a vacuum under high heat. Quartz crystals that are powdered are mixed with resin or polymer resin and then it is heat treated. This makes them naturally resistant to heat and a great choice as worktops. Unlike granite, quartz worktops do not require any yearly sealing as the resin is a key ingredient in its making.

It is a highly durable worktop and a huge plus is that it can be customised. The possibilities of customisation are innumerable. You can have them made in various colours, and patterns, as you like. You can have your quartz worktop all-white or you can have all the colours of the rainbow added to it. This makes quartz worktops a great option for modern kitchens.

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