Overcoming Challenges While Applying For Canadian Immigration

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Canada is considered one of the most diverse and economically stable countries in the world and also a popular destination among immigrants. It is a dream of many people to get a chance to migrate there to have a better and more comfortable life in terms of education, lifestyle, and an adequate job opportunity. Canada also has the highest immigration rates with about 0.7 percent of the population migrating each year. There are many forms, and many requirements inherent within the Canadian immigration system so migrating to Canada is not as easy as it seems but if you do it the right way and get help from the best immigration lawyers you will be in Canada in no time.

The best immigration lawyers in the UAE will help make the process as easy as possible. With a little bit of patience and commitment on your part, they will help you come and establish yourselves in Canada.

Make Sure That You Are Getting Help From The Right Source

Many websites offer citizenship and immigration services but not all are there to help you some are just up for minting money and wasting time so to avoid such situations here are some tips that could be useful:

  • Never pay for any access application forms and guides because IRCC only charges fees to process your application. Forms and guides are free on the IRCC website.
  • Avoid websites that offer deals that seem too good to be true or give you a 100 percent guarantee.
  • Do not provide personal information, financial information, or deposit before you even start the application process.
  • Do not Seek help from any immigration lawyers who ask their clients to lie or break the law, you must avoid them at all costs. Illegal action will not help your chances of success, and will also put you in deep trouble sooner or later. 
  • Be careful of any immigration attorney who won’t put anything in writing also make sure that you have hard copies of all the important documents

Here Are Some Of The Immigration Challenges That May Be Holding Back Immigration To Canada.

While planning to move to Canada there are some considerations you may want to take into account before migrating:

  • For those looking for a permanent residency through Express Entry or Humanitarian & Compassionate claims, the processing fee is $550. Once granted, applicants must pay another fee of $490 for the ‘right of permanent residence also an additional $75 is required while applying for sponsorship of family members.
  • Citizenship fees are also required. The application fee charged is $530, while the right-of-citizenship fee is an extra $100 if the citizenship application is rejected, only the $100 fee will be refunded.
  • A valid proof of income and employment is required. The fund statements in the applicant’s bank account must show a detailed history of transactions done by them for the last three months before the application is submitted.
  • The processing time of the application depends on which visa you have applied for, it could take many years to process or could be processed in 6 months.

Reasons Why People Get Refused To Migrate To Canada

Even after meeting all the desired requirements, the visa application can still be denied due to several reasons, some of the reasons are:

  • Any applicant serving a prison sentence in or outside of Canada or is convicted of an indictable offense, under the Citizenship Act, within the last four years.
  • Had a citizenship application rejected in the past five years for misrepresentation? Some cases of misrepresentation are because the applicant either misread a question on a form, overlooked items of information from a form, or misunderstood the instructions for completing a form. 
  • Do not meet the requirements for a grant or resumption of citizenship. Some applicants see their applications refused because they are not suitable for the program for which they have applied, even though they may have been eligible for another Canadian immigration program, to prevent such situations an applicant must have enough knowledge about their eligibility and which program is suitable for them.
  • Failure to attach required documents and not applying on time is also a reason for a visa to get refused.

Who Can Guide You While Applying For Canadian Immigration?

If you are planning to immigrate to Canada, get some assistance from the best immigration lawyers in UAE who will guide you with the immigration process and also understand the steps involved, and can interface with federal agencies on your behalf, doing so will ease your stress and give you clear-cut and the best answers to your query regarding the Canadian immigration process.

Make sure to have enough knowledge and do a background check on the lawyer also see that the is licensed and accredited.

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