Escape Rooms As Your Next Birthday Party Location

Escape Rooms as Your Next Birthday Party Location
Escape rooms have quickly become a popular attraction for young kids and adults. But escape rooms have been around for more than a decade. Escape rooms are essentially live-action and immersive games where a group of people will be voluntarily locked inside a themed room. The people inside will have to figure out various clues and solve some puzzles to obtain the door passcode.

They might also have to complete several missions connected to the scenario of the chosen escape room. The players must break out of the escape room within a stipulated time limit, usually around 60 minutes.

Other than the usual birthday venues, there are many more unique party destinations right now. I was looking for birthday places in Bangalore, and Google had a lot to offer, from fine dining to holiday resorts, private cinema screenings, and even escape rooms. Escape rooms pop up as a popular and unique suggestion for birthdays and other celebratory events for almost everyone right now. When you want a break from the usual house parties and pool parties, escape rooms can become a good choice for your next birthday party.

An escape room as a birthday party destination seems quite an individual, right? It might be even more confusing if you are not familiar with the concept of escape rooms. So, escape rooms are live-action immersive escape room experiences. Sounds confusing? I know. Basically, a group of players will voluntarily lock themselves in a themed escape room in a live-action escape room. 

The themes vary from supernatural, thriller, horror, Science Fiction, and much more. While the players are locked inside, they must search for clues and solve puzzles to obtain the door code. The players might also have to complete certain puzzles related to the room scenario. The players must get the door code and break out within a stipulated time limit. The time limit is usually 60 minutes, but depending on the particular escape room location or game, the timings might also change. 

The players will be assisted by a game host who will explain the game and guide them throughout the procedure. There will also be an option for hints (sometimes accessible through different missions) if you get stuck with a puzzle. Escape rooms started in physical escape rooms, but virtual escape rooms are also trendy.

So why should you have your next birthday celebration in an escape room? I mean, other than escape rooms are the coolest things ever? I mean, a live-action experience of some Agatha Christie locked room mystery? Count me in! 

•       Cost-Effective Options

Let’s be honest. Birthday parties are expensive. All the venue, d├ęcor, and food costs will add up. But a birthday event at an escape room might not dent your wallet. There are some escape room themes to choose from. You can choose private rooms or book slots for whoever is joining you. You can find inexpensive catering options to fill the stomach before the game. Go for a location whose budget matches yours, and voila!

•       Primarily Suitable For All Ages

Escape rooms are most suitable for all ages. This means you can invite any of your friends, relatives or colleagues together. It sure reduces the chances of one of your guests canceling for the lack of a babysitter. Whether your guests are children or adults, you can choose a theme. Some games which have age restrictions will be specified, so you can just select an article according to your guest list.

•       Solving Puzzles With Your Crew

In an escape room, you will have to form a group and solve puzzles together. Not only will you have to participate in such a team bonding game, but you will also learn many essential skills. Escape rooms provide an ideal space for bonding with your favorite people. Nothing connects people more than searching for clues. It is even better if you have not met some of them in a while—no awkward pauses or standing alone, but cooperating and communicating towards the same goal.

•       Unique and Memorable Experience

Admittedly there are a lot of fun and exciting birthday destinations. But escape rooms are certainly a more hands-on approach to birthday games. Escape rooms become a unique adventure spot for a birthday event. There will be exciting games other than the central escape puzzle that can entertain everyone. After you break out of the escape room, you can look back to this day and remember the day with a fond smile.

•       A Rewarding Experience For Everyone

You will have 60 minutes to obtain the door passcode in an escape room. Everyone must come together and decide on their roles. It will be a fun yet a high-tension game that will bring everyone together. The joy you will feel when everyone breaks out before the time runs out will be irreplaceable. The puzzles will be interesting but easy enough that everyone can participate together.


Escape rooms are fun, but they are also challenging for everyone. Escape rooms can become one of the best and most unique options for a birthday venue. Escape rooms are a comparatively inexpensive and memorable experience for anyone and everyone. You can bring all your guests (irrespective of their ages) and have fun while trying to break out of a themed escape room. So, now you know where to spend your birthday the next time. 

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