Top 7 Webinar Software UK For 2022

Top 7 Webinar Software UK For 2022

In the past few years, we have witnessed a paradigm shift from face-to-face communication to online communication. Seminars have been transformed into webinars. Webinars have emerged as one of the best and most reliable ways to reach audiences, so businesses of all scales are using webinars as an integral part of their marketing strategies. A well-executed and engaging webinar can convert your attendee into your client.

 If you are looking for reliable, Cost-effective webinar platforms, then this blog is only for you. Here in this blog, we will let you know about the seven best webinar software you can try your hands on one of them for your upcoming webinar.

1.    Mixhubb:

Mixhubb is one of the finest webinar platforms available in the market. This browser-based online platform enables you to host phenomenal webinars that speak for themselves. Mixbubb is known as Best Free Webinar Software, where you can effortlessly, within a few minutes, host immersive, interactive, and branded webinars. Its 3D interface enables you to deliver life-like webinars. Mixhubb is a self-managed online platform, allowing users to manage their complete webinar right from the registration page to the exit of the last attendee, or you can say, till the end of the webinar.

Along with this, it is a customizable and scalable platform where users can customize the whole event and scale the number of attendees according to themselves. Mixhubb offers you beautifully designed and customized virtual venues that successfully steal the attention of attendees.

 To drive more registration for the webinar, Mixhubb also allows users to customize the landing pages according to their requirements. Mixhubb offers several dynamic engagement capabilities that let users keep their audience engaged during the webinar. Moreover, it provides networking tables that foster virtual networking via audio and video calls. Along with analyzing the performance, its powerful data analytics feature enables users to delve into the statistics of the webinar.

Some other notable features of the Mixhubb that make it the best fit for your next upcoming webinar

       Public and Private Chats

       Q&As, Polls, Surveys, and Quizzes

       HD Screen Sharing

       HD Live Audio and Video

       Unlimited Attendees

       No App Download Required

       Boundless Branding Opportunities



       Push Notifications and Announcements

       AI Matchmaking

       Multilingual Translator

       Email and Invite Automation

2.   GoToWebinar:

GoToWebinar is one of the most looked-after online platforms that cater to all your webinar needs. It also has a user-friendly setup enabling users to host easy, hassle-free webinars in a few clicks. From remote employee training to hybrid training, from pre-recorded events to a multi-day conference, you can conveniently host and plan your events on this online platform. It is also a browser-based online platform that allows users to join the webinar directly from their browsers without downloading any additional bulky software. With its webcast mode, up to 3,000 attendees can join the webinar. Along with the live webinars, it also allows users to host recorded webinars. GoToWebinar enables users to create a customized registration form, quizzes, questions, and polls for the webinar. Additionally, its powerful analytics lets the user analyze, improve, and optimize the new strategy for the webinar.

Some other notable features of GoToWebinar:

       Multi-Device Compatible

       Flexible Scheduling

       Webinar Templates


       Multi-presenter Webinar

       Live Chat and Q&As

       Polls and Surveys

       Raise Hand

3.   Webinar Ninja:

It is another powerful online platform for hosting struggle-free webinars. It is one of the best online marketing and educating webinar platforms. Webinar Ninja offers easy- to- use setup and comes with several marketing features like sign-up, thank you pages, etc. Webinar Ninja supports live webinars, automated webinars, series webinars, and hybrid webinars. Additionally, this webinar platform accepts up to 1,000 live attendees and 11 video presenters, depending upon the selected plan.

Notable features of Webinar Ninja:

       Automated Email Notification

       Audience Presenter

       Paid Webinars

       Multi-Language Support

       Multi-Function Chat



       Q&As & Polls

       Share Slide and Study Material

4.   Jet Webinar:

Jet Webinar is one of the most comprehensive webinar software known for its high capacity and speed. It also allows users to stream live webinars or schedule pre-recorded webinars to stream live. It is a multi-device and multi-browser compatible platform enabling users to join the webinar from any device and browser. Moreover, users can scale up their event with an unlimited number of attendees; in simple words, there is no upper limit of attendees. However, this online platform maintains up to 4k video quality. It also integrates with multiple marketing tools like Infusionsoft, HubSpot, Salesforce, Zapier, etc.

Some notable features of Jet Webinar:

       Live Chat


       Customized Emails



       Screen Sharing

       Live Chats, Polls, and Q&As

       On-Demand Webinars

5.   Demio:

Demio is a browser-based webinar platform where you can effortlessly, within a few minutes, host productive and lead-generating marketing-driven webinars. It provides an intuitive user experience to you and your attendees. Moreover, Demio is a multi-device compatible software allowing users to access this online platform from any device like desktops, laptops, and mobile phones. Demio enables users to deliver HD content in real time. It offers multiple features like chats, polls, Q&As, and many more for keeping attendees engaged during the webinar and provides more value to the potential attendees.

Some other notable features of Demio:

       Automated Webinars

       On-Demand Webinars

       Screen Sharing

       Invite via Emails

       Attendee Management


       Live Chats and Polls

6.   EasyWebinar:

EasyWebinar is the next webinar platform on our list, enabling users to host live and pre-recorded automated webinars with utmost ease. On this online platform, you can host webinars with up to 2,000 attendees. EasyWebinar offers high-quality audio, video, screen, and file sharing features. Using its noise reduction technology, users can also reduce the unnecessary interrupting voice.

This web-based platform also has several marketing tools, like an email system with professional templates.

Other features of EasyWebinar include:

       No Delay Streaming


       Record And Archive

       Make Any Attendee A Presenter


       Real-Time Chat

       Polls, Q&As, and Quizzes

7.   BigMarker: 

It is one of the most popular webinar platforms among big enterprises. However, it is also valuable for small and medium businesses. Along with live webinars, BigMarker also supports automated webinars. On this browser-based platform, users can host a series of online video courses or one-day multi-webinar summits on autopilot mode. It also offers customized landing pages; you can add the logo and webinar's theme color to the page to drive more registration for the webinar. Moreover, BigMarker is fully loaded with features like scheduling webinars, promotions, ticket registration, lead generation, recording, etc. To keep attendees engaged, it also allows you to access features like raise the hand, chats, polls, surveys, Q&A, etc.

Other notable features of BigMarker:


       Activity Dashboard

       Badge Management & CRM

       Social Media Integration

       Brand & Campaign Management


Whether you are looking for a Webinar platform for online meetings or for educating and sharing information with your audience, we hope using the information provided you will choose the right webinar software for your upcoming webinar.

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