Tips To Give Your Tiny House An Amazingly Modern Design On A Budget

Tips to Give Your Tiny House an Amazingly Modern Design on a Budget

Living in a home with square footage on the smaller side has been increasingly popular today. A smaller space is not only more economical, but it also comes with a smaller ecological footprint, so modern buyers who have pressing environmental issues at the forefront of their minds find this way of living exceedingly practical.

However, there is no arguing that there are certain compromises one has to make when they size down their home in this way. It’s not easy to make interior design work in a small space; smart solutions are necessary so as not to create a cramped room where moving around becomes difficult. You will need a bit of creativity but the result can be a truly amazing modern design that is in no way inferior to a spacious room. Here are a few ideas you may want to consider.

Pick The Right Colors

Repainting the walls is usually the most affordable way to change things up in an interior. Most renovation guides will emphasize the importance of the right shades you pick for your walls, but this question gains an even higher significance in the case of small spaces. You don’t want your tiny rooms to feel even smaller, even claustrophobic. Dark shades can create that effect, so sticking to light shades that will readily reflect light is ever so important. In addition, you may want to steer clear of bright shades that may become overwhelming to look at after a while. Subdued neutrals like beiges and greys will make the space airy and they fit into a modern design more seamlessly.

Lighting Fixtures Matter

Picking the right lighting fixtures for your small home is important for several reasons. First of all, ensuring that your space is amply lit is the first step to a modern, spacious-looking interior. Introduce additional fixtures to layer lighting and create a pleasant ambiance. If you’re worried about lighting fixtures taking up too much space—that’s yet another reason why picking the right ones will count. Instead of large fixtures that draw attention, going for subtler pieces that have a simple but effective design will allow them to blend in while still providing ample illumination. Go for smart ones and enjoy full control over the nuances of the lighting of your space!

Make It Custom

Sometimes, it’s difficult to find the right furniture pieces for small spaces. This is where going for custom solutions comes in handy. We’re not necessarily talking about modular, double-duty furniture pieces that will allow you to transform a bedroom into a study with as little as the pull of a lever (though, those are undeniably practical for tiny house arrangements.) We simply mean making the most of every room with bespoke furniture that guarantees that every last corner is appropriately utilized. Does your kitchen have an awkward recess? A custom shelf that fits right in will boost your storage space seamlessly.

Green It Up

The lush greenery of nature is being reintroduced to our living spaces in modern design and even architecture. A contemporary interior today will not be void of life anymore, but plants will give the cool, sleek surfaces a dose of vitality. Leverage the effect of nature by bringing the outdoors in and adding some greenery to your rooms. If you’re really short on space, utilize your walls. If you have a balcony or garden, don’t hesitate to expand your project and create a green zone that will be your favorite hangout spot.

Floating For Maximum Floor Space

In tiny homes, floor space is valuable and you can’t just use it for anything. However, where are you supposed to put your books, plants, knick-knacks, and the like? The solution lies in floating whatever you can. Floating shelves not only look interesting but they will also save your little toe that would surely be caught by that regular shelf that sticks out just a tad too much. You may even consider invisible shelves that are a classy, modern alternative to floating shelves. All of these are easy to install so you’ll be able to do it all yourself and save a few bucks.

Modernize Your Bathroom

A smaller space does not have to mean giving up comfort and luxury. Even a tiny home can boast a bathroom that has the newest fixtures that take your everyday experience to the next level. While you may not have space to install a full-fledged bidet to boost your hygiene levels, you can leverage practical smart toilet seats that provide just the same level of comfort. Swap your hardware—cabinet doorknobs, faucets, etc.—for more upscale-looking pieces and change the impression of your bathroom immediately for a small price. Be sure your shower cabin has a glass partition so that no unsightly curtain blocks out half the space in a cheap-looking way.

Sleek Window Treatments

Changing up the look of your space is sometimes as easy as changing up your window treatments. Getting sleek, minimal window treatments for a tiny home will make a big difference. Forget about heavy drapes and curtains that block out the light, collect dust and make the space feel small and cramped. Go for neutral-colored blinds and your windows will obtain a much nicer look. If you want a natural touch, bamboo blinds are also a great option. At the end of the day, even if you’d rather stick to curtains, picking the right material is half the battle. This is not the place to save money.

Rethink The Doors

We hardly think about our doors when redesigning our space, but a bit of forethought on this front can mean a world of difference in the result. Instead of solid doors that enclose rooms and block out light, why not go for glass doors that will open up the space while bringing in modern air at the same time? Glass surfaces are always a good idea; their reflective quality will not only add a polished texture to your interior but also makes it appear brighter. Go for French doors if you want to take it to the next level. If you’d still rather keep spaces amply separate, another great option for tiny spaces you can consider is sliding doors. You’ll have much more space!

Making a small space inviting and modern does not have to be difficult. All you need are the right ideas. Good luck!

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