How To Prevent ED From Hurting Your Relationship

How To Prevent ED From Hurting Your Relationship

Erectile Dysfunction (ED) aka impotence is a condition where a man finds it difficult to get an erection or maintain it during sex. But not everyone who faces difficulty in getting or sustaining an erection is diagnosed with ED. Occasional failure is rather common, what’s troubling is a persistent and frequent failure in achieving an erection. Though it is an extremely common condition (according to the American Urological Association, almost 30 million males in the US are affected by ED), it still remains a most distressing situation for any man to be in. Impotence, like all other sexual dysfunction issues, also has the capability of affecting your love life. Therefore, the help and support of the partner of an ED patient are very crucial for him. But all that aside, if you are suffering from impotence, you should know that you are far from alone. In fact, every one out of every ten men will experience it at some point in their life. And this includes men of all ages, not just older men (above 40 years of age). Additionally, there are a variety of treatment options available for ED patients to help them manage it properly or even cure it. So, it is very much possible to save your relationship from the adverse effects of ED. 

Why ED Can Be Harmful To Your Relationship?

There are several direct and indirect ways in which impotence can and does affect long-term relationships. First of all, the fact that a man is having erection problems can be a huge psychological stress to him. It may lead to performance anxiety, sexual dissatisfaction, and even a feeling of guilt and shame. Secondly, it can have a devastating impact on their self-image because often, they see the ability to have an erection as a symbol of masculinity. Thirdly, the partner of a man suffering from ED can also experience certain emotional turmoil. They may think that they’re not attractive enough or that their man is no more interested in them. All these feelings are even quite valid to some extent because sometimes, it is the case of loss of attraction or interest. Also, one may suspect their man to be addicted to porn or having an affair which can very well be a reason why he cannot achieve an erection during sex. Many women also tend to blame themselves first for anything that goes wrong in their relationship or marriage, so they will overthink this issue. If left untreated for a long, such a situation will snowball into something bigger, and more complicated that cannot be later handled by the man. 

How To Deal With ED As A Couple?

As we have mentioned right at the outset, ED is a treatable condition. One now has a lot many options to choose from if one wants to address this issue. It is recommended that you visit a doctor (with your partner, if you are in a long-term relationship like marriage) so that a thorough analysis of the severity of your condition can be made. The doctor will then present to you some treatment options and you can discuss them with your partner to choose the best ones for you. Here are a few most common and effective ways to manage and cure impotence.

  • Communication- you saw this coming, didn’t you? All of us know how important it is to have a frank conversation with our life partners, especially about such sensitive issues as ED. But very few actually are willing to take the first step. If you experience the problem intermittently, you may take Viagra 200 mg and see if it helps. But in the long run, you have to talk to your partner. Yes, it can be challenging but it will also be rewarding. It can take a lot of your stress and anxiety away. It will also help your partner understand why you are facing problems while having sex, she won’t be left speculating. Let communication be your first step because it will also open the door for you to go and talk to a doctor later (if needed).
  • Counseling or Therapy- this is the 2nd step after you’ve talked to your partner and taken some medication on your own but both didn’t seem to help much. Emotional stress or deteriorating mental health can be a major factor causing ED. Seeing a therapist can help you immensely because they can provide you a non-judgmental space to share your difficulties. They can also advise you and your partner about how to communicate and support one another. Many people get better with only a few good counseling sessions.
  • Penetrative sex is not the only type of sex- you and your partner should know that intimacy is a deeper thing than mere sex. Showing affection for each other by kissing, hugging, and hand-holding are also ways of building intimacy. Also, a man can have an orgasm without an erection, so, don’t worry about the erection part. Just have a great time with your partner. You may even use sex toys to increase your and her pleasure.
  • Make changes in your lifestyle-  stop smoking (if you’re a smoker), eat healthy foods, include exercise in your daily routine, and try to maintain healthy body weight. All these are important lifestyle changes that can improve ED. It can be even better if your partner can also adopt some or all of these habits.
  • Medical treatments- taking oral medicines like Cialis Black 80mg proves to be helpful for many men. Injections containing alprostadil and other ED drugs can also be of help. If your ED is related to low testosterone levels, you can get hormone therapy to correct it. There are vacuum pumps available that facilitate the inflow of blood into the penis, thus helping you gain an erection. Lastly, if your doctor suggests, you can have a penile implant surgery that will solve your problem.


Erectile dysfunction can be a nasty problem when it comes to maintaining a good long-term relationship. But you need not worry! With the right kind of treatment, you can defeat ED. Always communicate your problems and feelings to your partner. And check with your doctor for all the potential treatment options.

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