How To Best Prepare Your Home For The Summer Heat

How To Best Prepare Your Home For The Summer Heat

Summer in specific states, like Arizona, Nevada, and Texas is quite special. It's a special kind of heat that burns the skin and makes everything feel damp and humid. You feel like the sun is out to get you. So, getting your home ready for the summer before it arrives is not only wise, it's necessary. Below are a few tips to help you keep your cool as the summer season rolls in.

Clean The Vents

You're going to be blasting your HVAC system during the summer. That much is a given. Since you're going to be doing this, you want to clean your vents and dust them well. This is something many homeowners don't do before the summer heats up, but it's smart to do so.

It reduces the amount of dust in your home and improves your air quality. Doing this doesn't take too long, and everyone will breathe easier because you took this step. If some people in your home are sensitive to air pollutants, this is necessary.

Replace Filters

Everyone will be turning on their AC in Nevada. You've dusted the vents, but you also need to make sure your air filters are replaced. Spring just finished up, and those filters probably need to get replaced already. That season brings in the most air pollutants. Consider hiring a specialist in HVAC service in Henderson NV or your local city to get this replaced in a breeze.

You have to worry about pollen and other pollutants. The filters you have may be too dirty, so go ahead and replace them. If you don't do that, then your HVAC system won't perform well because the filters will make it harder for the air to be pushed out into your home. This will make your home slightly warmer, and your machine will have to waste more energy to cool it.

Get It Serviced

The next thing you have to worry about is getting your HVAC serviced. This is something you want to do before the summer heats up. The last thing you want is for your machine to break down when you need it the most. The good thing is you can find a reliable HVAC service in Henderson NV if you take the time to look.

You want to pay attention to the experience and online reviews, focusing on third-party reviews rather than the reviews you see on the company's site. It's better to get service early. If you wait until it breaks down on you, then you'll pay an arm and a leg.

Deal With Leaks

Consider getting your home inspected. You want to focus on cracks or holes throughout your home. If you have these, you'll cool the outside of your home, and there's no reason to do that. Fix these holes or cracks to make sure your HVAC only cools the inside of your home.

You'll save money doing this because your HVAC system won't waste energy as it escapes these holes or cracks. The good thing is that fixing holes and cracks is cheap. All you need is a good caulk, and you're done. In addition to making your home a little more HVAC friendly, sealing these holes and cracks prevents pests from getting in, which is just a bonus.

Cool Landscaping

Trees and large shrubs can help keep your home cool. Most people don't think about this, but you're not most people. You're going to plant large plants, especially around your windows, but it wouldn't hurt to surround your house with plants and trees.

All that shade will help cool down your home immensely, and you won't have to rely on your HVAC system completely. This is a free cooling system that homeowners should consider taking advantage of. What's great about this is that planting so much life around your home is going to make it look spectacular. You might increase the value of your home.

Think Insulation

All homes have insulation, but sometimes, your insulation loses its effectiveness. This is not a good thing because it means the cooled air your HVAC system worked so hard to create escapes your home faster. You don't want that. It means that your HVAC system will use more energy to keep you comfortable, and that's going to show up in your bill.

Get your insulation inspected. If it needs to be replaced, then be sure that you do that as soon as possible. Keep in mind that doing this won't help just now; it'll help throughout the year. When Henderson gets cold, your insulation will help keep the heat inside longer. Do this now rather than later when the prices might spike up.

Final Thought

Hopefully, now you have a good idea of what you need to do to prepare your home for the summer. Get started as soon as you can, so you'll greet summer with peace of mind.

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