Abstract Logos: Everything Beginners Need to Know

Abstract Logos

BBC is known for spending around 1.8 million dollars on its logo. Investing hundreds and thousands of dollars on logo designs is common among brands, especially high-end ones. But have you ever thought about why businesses invest so much in a symbol?

Because a logo contributes to establishing a unique brand identity, setting it apart from the rival brands in the industry. These brands also experiment with different logotypes, colors palette, shapes, and other design elements to come up with an eye-catchy design.

Since 60% of customers prefer to make a purchase from a brand with an interesting logo, which is why focusing on aesthetics is essential, too. A lot of aspects contribute to making a logo visually interesting, including logotypes. One of those types is the abstract logo which we’ll be exploring in today’s blog.

What is An Abstract Logo Design?

An abstract logo is best defined as a specified type of illustrated logo. It doesn’t feature a recognizable object or image, such as an eagle or butterfly. Instead, the abstract logo carries one or more geometric shapes, including triangles, squares, or even straight lines.

When opting for this type of symbol for your company, ensure it features the abstract geometric form and becomes the right representation of your company. Although the abstract logos don’t allow you to express muchly related to your business, you can always use an iconic symbol to get your vision across.

Opting for this particular logotype also allows you to go for an entirely customized symbol. It even enables you to hide a secret message in the design. Take Nike’s swoosh for an example. It’s simple. It’s straightforward. And it tells us the brand is all about freedom and movement.

Abstract Logo Types

There’re various types of abstract logos. Let’s explore them, so you can find the right one for your next logo design.

Symmetrical Abstract Logos

Symmetrical Abstract Logos

If you focus, you’ll realize nature is all about abstract symmetrical patterns. This is why symmetrical abstract logos make the perfect fit for health and fitness brands. You can pair the symmetrical design with light earth tones. Since symmetrical patterns are repetitive, this type makes the right choice for the manufacturing industry, too.

Geometric Shapes in an Abstract Logo

Geometric Shapes in an Abstract Logo

For depth and minimalism, you can go for an abstract logo with geometric shapes. These shapes are popular for triggering emotions. For example, the square-shaped logos look and appear stable whereas circles are used to ignite the emotions of comfort, such as the MasterCard logo. With two circles in the logo design, their client base trusts the business with ease.

Dynamic Abstract Logos

Dynamic Abstract Logos

Dynamic abstract logos carry a similar abstract shape and make slight changes considering the contexts. These changes can be in terms of layout, color palette, or placement of design elements. Nickelodeon makes the best example. If you notice, it uses the same orange color and font throughout. But selects a different icon for every show.

Illustrative Abstract Logos

Illustrative Abstract Logos

This type of abstract logo allows you to identify a few elements available in the logo design agency. Simply put, in abstract illustrative logos, you interpret design elements, using a new or fresh perspective. Starbucks can be the right example in this context. If you dissect its logo, you’ll be able to recognize a mermaid reflecting a nautical character on which the brand has been named. Other elements, such as a crown and two mermaid tails are quite visible, too.

Abstract Logo Design Benefits

Opting for an abstract logo comes with a set of the following perks:

  • Abstract logos are a unique blend of creativity and an optimistic approach.
  • Abstract logos enable you to represent your brand in various ways.
  • Abstract logos are unique, garner recognition, and leave a robust first impression.
  • Abstract logos help you get customer attention with the possibility of generating a sale.
  • Abstract logos allow you to incorporate and trigger emotion centering your brand.

Abstract Logos Best Example

No doubt, abstract logos are great in multiple ways. With the benefits and uniqueness, you’re sure to make an impact in your niche. Let’s take a look at the following examples for more inspiration.



Did you know Pepsi is the most consumed beverage in the U.K. after the alcoholic ones? Not only the drink, but Pepsi’s logo is extremely popular, too. And this iconic logo represents various things.

If you take a closer look at the current version, it looks like a globe with a set of three colors, red, blue, and white.

Apart from its shape and colors, Pepsi’s logo is an amazing blend of concepts of arts, physics, mathematics, feng shui, earth’s magnetic field, and more.



If you’re a music fan or love listening to podcasts, you must be familiar with Spotify. As a streaming service provider, this brand is well-known for its wide variety of music and podcasts. However, one more thing that contributes to its fame is the Spotify logo.

They’ve utilized abstract logotypes in the right way, using a few shapes. The logo has three lines with varying sizes, stacked in a circle. With a green and black color palette, the logo is super easy to recognize, too.



Reebok’s logo doesn’t only represent the Union Jack, but it showcases the brand’s core values as well. This logo was designed considering the legacy and progress of the brand. It also serves as the representation of mental, physical, and social well-being.

The brand has a mission to provide products to people across the globe to improve their overall life quality. And they’ve tried to achieve that in their logo, too. After slight tweaks recently, the current version with a monochrome palette incorporates the vibes of power and uniqueness.

Wrap Up

As a brand owner, you’d want to debut in the market with a unique symbol to create some sort of impact. Abstract logos can help you achieve that – thanks to their traits like uniqueness and customizability.

Whether you want to appear as a mature and stable brand or want people to trust you, Abstract logos with geometric shapes can serve you well. The best part is abstract logos have variety, so you have room to make a suitable choice. 

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