6 Ways Gutters Protect Your House

6 Ways Gutters Protect Your House

You might generally know that gutters protect your house. However, do you know the specific ways they do it? There are quite a few, but there are six in particular that you should know about. Let’s take a closer look at your gutters and how they can protect your house.

Lower Risk of Mold Allergies

When your home stays dry inside, there's not as much moisture and humidity. That means there's less chance of things like mold. Anyone in your family with respiratory disorders or allergies to mold will be able to breathe better all the time. The more water in your basement, the more friendly the environment is to molds. So make sure that your basement is dry and mold-free.

Keep Your Home's Structural Integrity

It's not just about protecting basements. When water isn't allowed to pool or seep into the foundation of your home, then you don't have as much risk of cracking and shifting. You stay on level ground for longer. Water in the ground can soften and erode sections of the soil that border the foundation. Moving the water further away will protect the soil and as a result, the foundation.

Protect The Landscaping

You might not think of Living Hope Roofing as a company that can help protect your landscaping, but they indirectly can. If they maintain and repair your roof and gutters, they can make sure the runoff from your roof goes in directed routes. Pouring too much water on your plants during a storm can damage them. That’s why gutters often are directed into the ground. On that note,  make sure to regularly check your gutters if they are directed into the ground. If the hose is disconnected, it can cause problems with water getting into your house or landscaping.

Protect Your Home's Exterior

When water heads down a gutter system instead of just pouring down over the walls, it doesn't have a chance to impact the exterior walls of your home. As a result, your home stays cleaner and might not need painting quite as often as it otherwise would. If you didn’t have the gutters your paint, siding, and other parts of your home could be damaged. To protect your gutters so that they can protect the exterior of your home.

Help Your Home Withstand Weather

Gutters help your home withstand the elements. Those can be very different in the middle of summer than they are in the dead of winter, but every season can be harsh on your house. Gutters get water off of the roof and away from the walls but also serve as a protective barrier over anything they cover. Gutters also prevent icicle build-up. Icicles can be a hazard to anyone walking into or out of your house. They also place an unnatural strain on the roof. Moving the water away is the best way to prevent this.

Keep The Basement Dry

Your basement is either partially or totally underground, which makes it a natural place for moisture and water to go when it's raining. Given that, you need gutters to get the water going somewhere else. Directing the water elsewhere will protect your basement, wallet, and family.

Now that you know the six ways gutters protect your house, you'll protect look at them in a very different light. Hopefully, you'll have a greater appreciation for them than before, and that should motivate you to take care of them considering you now know the many ways that they take care of your home and property. So make sure you clean your gutters regularly or hire a professional to clean them regularly. 

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