6 Easy DIY Solutions For Home Maintenance Problems

6 Easy DIY Solutions For Home Maintenance Problems

Every homeowner understands the stress and costs of home repairs and maintenance. It gets worse if you neglect your home and the little repair just becomes a major problem. Experts advise that you do frequent repairs and maintenance in your home not only to save money but for safety.

Not every home maintenance problem requires running to your phone to call an expert. There are many DIY solutions for general maintenance activities that include:

1. Fixing Leaking Kitchen and Bathroom Pipes

It should not be too much of a surprise that water running through your home leads to problems. Leaking pipes will lead to lower water pressure and may even cause the pipes to freeze over. To fix the problem, you need first to determine which area is leaking. You can do this by turning off the faucet and putting a thermometer in the area between it and the pipe. If there is no pressure, it is likely a broken pipe or a clog.

2. Replace Old Showerheads

Modern shower heads are great, but they can start to leak over time, especially if you live in a state that has poor weather conditions. To prevent problems, replace your rusted shower head with a new one. It should be a simple activity that any DIY expert can do. Also, be sure you get the correct size shower head from the store. If you get the wrong size, it might get loose and cause water to leak as you shower.

3. Clean Your Gutters

You want your gutters to work so you can direct excess water from your roof to a storage tank. However, over time, they can fill with tree leaves, twigs, and other debris that may block the path of water. If this happens, it will be a major cause of concern because if rain gets into the gutter, it might flood your home. You will have to clean them regularly or consider installing an easy gutter guard that keeps off leaves and debris.

4. Fixing Faulty Door Hinges

A well-made door will stay in place even with a minor malfunction with its hinges. If certain parts of the hinge are starting to rust or fail, it is best to replace them with new ones. You can easily find replacement hinges at a local home improvement store. Just make sure that you have the right measurements before heading out. Also, it should be easy if you have a screwdriver and some basic tools on hand.

5. Fixing Clogged Drains

Clogged drains can come from many sources, from tree roots to particles from washing dishes that do not drain properly. You need to correct the problem by fixing the leak. If the problem is a clog in the trap, you need to remove it ASAP.

6. Repairing Outdoor Doors

Fixing a door can be more challenging than a regular household repair. However, for most do-it-yourselfers, it is not too hard. The weather will affect your outdoor door, and you may start to see rust spots and wear marks within time. You need to clean and repaint the door. You also need to install weather stripping on the door, a solid substance that will help keep out moisture, dirt, and debris.

7. Replacing Faulty Light Bulbs

Light bulbs are not that expensive, but they do consume energy over time. As you use them, they can break or burn out. It happens if you leave them on too long. If they are not properly replaced, the wattage will start to drop, and you may notice your lights flicker or dim. In your DIY attempt to change the bulbs, make the light bulb compatible with the lighting fixture.

8. Repairing Leaky Showers

There are many signs of a leaking shower. You will notice your water bill to be higher, and the humidity in your bathroom could be higher than normal. You can fix this problem by checking for a faulty showerhead or a broken seal in the pipe connections. Many products can help you fix this problem, like cement rings, adhesive caulking, and silicone rubber sealants.

If you are confident with your knowledge to repair and maintain your home, you can comfortably proceed. At the same time, do not attempt to fix any accessory or area that seems challenging. Call an expert instead and let them do the fixing.

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