5 Marketing Tactics To Consider To Help Boost Your Acting Career

5 Marketing Tactics to Consider to Help Boost Your Acting Careerq

Being in a career, you have always been passionate about is a privilege that not many get to experience. Acting is one of the most fulfilling yet demanding jobs.

Understand The Acting Industry

Contrary to what most might believe, making it in acting is not a walk in the park and requires dedication and effort that might take years to achieve. There are three levels of actors:

1.     Amateur Actors

An amateur actor is relatively new to the profession and still learning all the basics that come along with acting. They typically earn little to no money and often land minor roles in local plays or theatres.

2.   Working Actors

A working actor is a professional actor who lands decent gigs but doesn’t earn much from those gigs. They may land roles in theatres and local TV shows but often have side hustles also to help boost their income.

3.    The Famous Actors

These are actors who have already made it in the industries and have a lot of recognition. Producers call them for roles often, and they earn higher than the other two types of actors that are listed. They get lots of endorsements from brands and even win awards for their roles. Almost every actors’ end goal is to get to this level.

What Is An Actor’s Job Description?

We see the perfected versions of their role on our screens, but all the “dirty work” happens offstage. They spend time memorizing scripts, working with coaches, reading a lot, and networking with fellow actors. They negotiate contracts, send numerous emails and keep rehearsing and hunting for roles. They have to work out to stay in shape and do a side hustle to pay bills if necessary. If acting is your passion, here are tips on how to become an actor:

Breaking Into The Acting Industry

Suppose you’re taking acting as a career rather than a hobby, you will want to research the types of actors and try to evaluate which category you will fit in. If you are unsure, ask for honest opinions from a trusted friend or family member. Do some research on how to become an actor so that your skills are always fresh and up to date. Remember, that practice may not make perfect, but perfect practice makes progress. If you can, look into hiring an acting coach for professional guidance. Otherwise, find tools on the internet or find a team of people with whom you share the same goals and practice, practice, practice. Hunt for auditions and apply to each one. Even if you don’t get a role, networking might provide numerous opportunities for you in the future.

How To Market Yourself

Directors and scouts will only know about you if you market yourself correctly. Here are 5 great ways to market yourself as an actor.

1.     Have An Updated Resume

Prepare an up-to-date resume containing in-depth details about your acting experience, even if it was a small play at your local church, make sure to include it. Make your resume as truthful as you can because the slightest evidence of lies will jeopardize your chances ultimately. You can get a professional to help you put your resume together to make it as appealing as possible.

2.   Prepare A Demo Reel

Have a short video demonstration of your acting skills. It could be 30 seconds to a minute long and not be professional. Most directors look for raw talent and can tell good talent even from a low-quality video. As you continue polishing your talent, keep updating your demo video.

3.    Take Proper Headshots

Many directors and scouts will require you to send your headshots. Take a few and keep copies. However, if you don’t have one, ask a friend with a good camera phone to take a photo of you, especially if you’re auditioning for small acts.

4.   Post Random Videos Showcasing Your Acting Skills on Social Media

In this social media era, you never know who might bump onto your page. Make your social media accounts look professional by posting headshots, good-quality pictures, and videos. Also, write a short bio about your skills and be careful about the captions you use on your posts.

5.    Go For All Auditions and Network

Attend auditions and castings in your area, even when you feel like the roles are beyond you. Attend many acting gigs and network with as many people as you can. Never leave without exchanging a few contacts.

With proper practice and a lot of hard work, you’re one step closer to a successful acting career. Evaluate your real motivation for acting, build on your confidence, and don’t be afraid to ask. Keep pushing, and in the end, your efforts will always pay off.

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